Vote for Adam Leffler

I wasn’t going to comment on the race for Mayor of West Valley City, until closer to the election. But as I will probably not be a West Valley City Resident come the elections, I really don’t have a say. So, I am going discuss the race while I am at least a legitimate West Valley Registered Voter.

I personally have thought about running for either city council or mayor in West Valley, for one very important reason. That reason can be summed up in 1 word (or acronym): UTOPIA. In case you don’t know UTOPIA is a scheme where West Valley and other Utah cities are going to gamble their citizen’s tax dollars in the hopes that a high speed fiber optic network will draw revenue (both on its own and by drawing more people/businesses to their cities). Simply put, I believe that it will fail, and I feel that it is one of the many mistakes made by West Valley’s Elected Officials.

So, simply put, If I were able to vote in West Valley’s Elections this year. I would be voting against the incumbency. All of them. Unfortunately, there will only be two incumbents to vote against (Barbara Thomas, Councilperson At Large and Dennis Nordfelt, Mayor). My district is not up for re-election this year.

So, I would have voted for these incumbents’ opponents. Mrs. Thomas has several opponents, but there are really only two contenders. They are Mike Winder and Mario Cisneros. I would have probably voted for Mike Winder because although he didn’t say he was against UTOPIA, he did listen to me on the matter and he has deep roots in West Valley that I think would be beneficial. However, I have told Mike that my vote wouldn’t be for him as much as it would have been against the incumbent.

However, I would have been voting for Adam Leffler. My vote for him would have been for more than his opposition to UTOPIA. I have talked extensively with Adam and he speaks to many of the concerns that I had with the city and some I was unaware of.

Perhaps my biggest problem with the state of West Valley City is the police force. What really bothers me is the Mayor Nordfelt was the West Valley City Chief of Police before he was mayor. You would think that of all people in a city who would want to beef up his city’s police force it would be a former Chief of Police. However, this doesn’t seem to be a concern for him.

Adam has promise me that increasing the size and presence of West Valley City’s Police is one of his top priorities. And that is why I would have voted for Adam.

Adam also pointed out to me that West Valley has also got them involved in another losing venture in the past. West Ridge Golf Course is a total failure. The city is spending more to maintain this course than it is earning from it. I am tempted to start discussing governments getting involved in what should be private ventures here, but I will refrain. I suggested to Adam that they should just sell it. However, at this point if they did they would lose a lot of money. So, Adam commented on what he would do to pull this golf course out of the hole.

I wish that I could ethically and legally vote for Adam. However, I encourage you to do it for me.

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