Fabulous Farding Saturday????

I know what you all have been thinking.  You have spent a significant amount of time and energy worrying about me and my blog.  You just don’t know what to do with yourself because my blogging has died down quite a bit significantly.  You can’t even seem to get your regularly scheduled “Fabulous Farding Friday.”

Well, now is the time for a little explanation.

As many of you may know, we have been trying to sell our house.  Well, just after Labor Day we finally received an offer on our house, and even though it was a very low offer, he accepted our counter offer for a more reasonable amount.

Well, the terms and conditions of the real estate purchasing contract (REPC –  pdf), we are closing on our house on 30 Sep.  This was and still is great news.

However, it comes with one minor problem.  For most of this past month we have had no where to move.  We talked to my dad and my wife’s grandmother.  They were both willing to help, but as you can imagine, it still wouldn’t be the best situation.

So, we have spent much of our time looking for a new home.  We probably went out about twice a week looking at homes.

At first we found a beautiful home in Lehi.  It had 6 bedrooms, 3 family rooms, 3 large bathrooms, and the perfect kitchen/dining room.  The only real negative was the backyard which wasn’t quite as big as we would have liked it.  So, we made an offer, and we did not have our offer accepted.

So, back to the search.  And again we found another house in Lehi.  This house although just as large as the first (approx. 2600 sq. ft.), it only had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 3 large family rooms (1 was not finished).  However, we really felt like it would be a good home for our family.  So, we made an offer on that.  I could bore you with a really long story about how this house fell through, but trust me, you don’t want to read about it.

However, during the fall through of the offer on the 2nd Lehi home, we decided to go look at another house in Riverton.  This house had 5 bedrooms, 2 family rooms (possible room for a 3rd), and 2 bathroom (room for a 3rd).  But it had a beautiful back yard, great neighborhood, and it felt just right.

So, we make an offer.  But this time we actually slept on it.  We actually scouted this house out by spending about a half hour outside during the late night (looking for suspicious activity).  Trust me this is necessary after having lived next to my last neighbor.

We offered them just $1000 more than they were asking because we knew that there was another offer on the house, and the potential for more (this house was listed well under its market value).

We weren’t the highest offer though.  At least that’s what our real estate agent tells us.  However, they did accept our offer.  They accepted it because we told them we want to move in the beginning of October.

So, we are going to be spending the next week and a half packing boxes, loading trailers and trucks, and hauling it all to the new house.  So, if you don’t here from me much over the next little while, you will know that it is a good thing.


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