Three Bad Buys (part 1 of 3)

Let me first let you all know that we are finally moved in, and all is going well. Sure, we have more things in boxes, than out of boxes, but we are very happy in our new place, and can’t wait for what is home to really start feeling like home. The best part of it is, that our children have already been invited over to a neighbor’s house. We look forward to more freindships in this new area.

However, the point of this entry is to share with you one of three very negative experiences I had during this move. Before I put my house on the market, I did my research and I talked with about 5 agent, 3 of whom I seriously considered. And I finally settle on Kristen Averett and her cohort James Reed as my agents.

Although there were several reasons that I had chosen them as my agents, there was one very important reason. That was that they promised me that if I bought and sold a house through them they would only charge me 5% for the sale of my home. They would take 2% and the buyers agent would take 3%. They said that they would do it because they were already making 3% off of the purchase of our new home.

Well, if you can’t tell well this is going already. They charged me the full 6%, and when I reminded them of the verbal commitment they made to me, they said look at the contract. You signed for 6%. However, they tricked me here. When I signed the paperwork, it said 6%, I questioned the 5% aspect of it. She said that they would fix it later.  BAMMM!!!  I got the bad end of the contract. I should have simply walked away and called it good. But I didn’t.

Anyway, to get to the point, I will never use Prudential Real Estate again as a result of this transaction, and I will never use Kristen Averett or James Reed for any future business. I would hope that you take this into consideration when you are shopping around for agents.


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