Three Bad Buys (part 2 of 3)

Now, you might not be able to relate with my last bad buy, but I am sure that most of my readers will completely relate with this one.

I can sum it up in 5 quick letters Q-W-E-S-T.

I can hear the nodding of heads and groans of agreement already, and I haven’t even hit the publish button yet. Wow.

So, here is my story:

We find out that we will be moving and one of the first things I decided to do was to get my phone in order. After all, everyone else will be asking what my new number is and I don’t want to have to call them back to give it to them.

So, about 2 weeks before the move, I call up Qwest and tell them that I am moving. They give me a new phone number, and I say that I want everything to be the exact same. So, the customer service representative on the other end offers to check if DSL is available in my area. I say sure.

So, if she checked for the availability of DSL, you would think that she would get it hooked up, right?


So, after we had moved the whole house and I was just finally settling down thinking how nice it was to be in my new house, I start opening up the mail that I had received at the new address. I was a little shocked to see on the confirmation letter I received from Qwest did not have DSL on it.

Thinking that maybe that was just an error in the printing, and rather than call Qwest, I spent the next few hours digging out my computer from it’s various boxes, and setting it up. About midnight I finally had the DSL modem hooked up and ready to connect to the Internet. With anticipation, I insert the jack and plug the modem into the wall. And except for a Christmas-like display of green and red lights, I got nothing.

So, I called Qwest, and was told that the best they could do for me was to get me hooked up in about 5 days. I complained about that for a bit, and didn’t get any more than a promise to put it on a hot list.

While in this conversation, I told the customer service representative that I needed to give him my long distances access code. He said that he would get that set up for me as well.

So, the next day, I decided to call my sister who lives in North Ogden, and would thus require my long distance, and I get some nasally voiced (possibly computer generated) female tell me that I do not have long distance access on this phone.

So, I dial the already memorized Qwest customer service number, and complain about that. Essentially I was told that Qwest performs services in the order that they were received. So, essentially, they couldn’t hook up my long distance until my DSL was set up. Meaning that I would be a whole week without Internet and without long distance.

She did offer to cancel the DSL request and order the long distance, but that would put me at the bottom of the DSL setup list. And I didn’t want to do that either. So, I asked to speak with a Supervisor. And he gave me the same run around.

So, the end of conversation ends with me saying, “You have until tomorrow to get my long distance and my DSL all set up or I am going to another local telephone provider.”

The Supervisor said that it wasn’t possible for them to have it to me that quick, and I told him, that he lost my service then.

Well, this story does have a somewhat good ending. But the end of Tuesday, we had both Internet and long distance set up at our house, and all is back to normal.

The thing that gets me is that it took me begging and pleading to get it all done in 24-hours. If they can do it that quick, why don’t they just do it in the first place?

Well, I now leave the door open for you to share you own Qwest nightmares.


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