Marathon Maniacal Monday: After the First Week

Just a quick note really. I don’t plan on posting about this weekly, but I thought I would share a very minor success.

This week went fairly well. I didn’t feel as bad as I have felt when running in the past. I attribute the lack of pain to my stretching before and after each run or walk.

Actually, I forgot to stretch today after my run, and I can really feel it. Hopefully, this will be enough of a reminder to avoid doing it again.

Anyway, the big success story this past week was that I ran straight (without stopping/walking) for 2 miles. I know that it isn’t even 1/10th of a marathon, but for me it’s a great hurdle. It took a lot of saying to myself “mind over matter” to get me through it, but I did it.

This week will be a repeat of last week, because they haven’t published the training program for 2006 at the Salt Lake City Marathon Web Site yet. But, I figure the real training isn’t supposed to start until about January. I am just getting a jump on things. Hopefully, this will help my very out of shape body get into some good shape, when the real training starts.

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