George W. Bush Is Either an Idiot Savant Or a Genius

Of all the blogging on President Bush that I have done, I finally have something positive to say about him.  Of the two options I present in the title, right now I am going to lean towards genius.  But I know that there are some who could offer good arguments for idiot savant, and I don’t know that I could counter argue with them.

President Bush has earned this wonderful stature as genius through his actions in replacing Sandra Day O’Connor.  My honest take on this is that Harriet Mier was the decoy.  Pres. Bush is an avid hunter, at least that’s the way he is often portrayed.  And so I am sure that he understands the concept of a decoy.  You send out a fake duck to draw the ducks attention away from where you are, as well as to draw them in a little closer to you.

Then BAM! (to quote Emeril or is that Smith and Wesson?)

The bam in this case is Samuel Alito.  Now the media is calling this a cowering by Bush to the far right wing.  However, I think that it was in his plan.

Think about it.  You put some up who isn’t qualified.  Someone, whom the liberals can get all giddy about.  Then that person either gets rejected or, as this one played out, they withdraw from the nomination.

Then you give them the real shot of your medicine.  It’s like shooting the duck, removing its feathers, and gutting it all at the same time.  the liberals start clamoring.  They don’t have enought time to gather their feathers together to put together a good battle.

It’s genius.  The liberals are going to start harping on the fact that Alito is not a woman.  He is not a minority.  He is not an O’Connor.  They won’t be able to attack at core issues because they haven’t had time to prepare.  And they won’t have time to mount a defensive.

As you can see they already don’t know how to react.  Their assertions that Pres. Bush is only trying to please the right wing is already a sign of their in ability to cope with this strategic move.

Although, he definitely isn’t the greatest President, he does rack up some genius points.  So much for hunting being a mindless sport.


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