Who will Represent Utah?

If the rumors are true, then Utah has lost a very important battle. According to Paul Rolly, Steve Urquhart is out of the race. As of yet no official announcement has been made by the campaign, but KSL and Pete Ashdown have both confirmed this rumor. (Thanks to Ethan at SLC Spin for bringing this to my attention.)

While I am sure that Steve has some good reasons. Right now it is being reported that he hasn’t met certain campaign goals. It is also a big upset to those who supported him.

Senator Hatch does not understand Utah, and Senator Hatch will continue to support his own agenda and not Utah. It would be nice if another candidate would step up, and although it is probably not too late, it is also very unlikely that one would step up. Further, I don’t think that I would be as supportive of them as I am of Representative Urquhart.

That being said I have some thoughts about what Steve did wrong. And it really boils down to two reasons for me, organization and fund raising. The funny thing is that the two are incredibly intertwined.

I have been on Steve’s Campaign since it’s inception. And the thing that struck me was that Steve seemed to be trying to run the whole operation himself. The other day I heard a quote from President Ronald Reagan (at least that’s who it was). “You would be surprised how much you can get done if you don’t mind who gets the credit” (heard on the Lars Larson Show 8 Nov 2005).

My meetings with Steve were very early on in the campaign and perhaps he was searching for a campaign manager at the time, and I am sure organization would have developed. However, I never seemed to see it during my time helping him.

The other reason for failure stems from fund raising. And I blame that on Steve. He said on his blog “Money is fine; we’ll need a little, and I greatly appreciate those who have given and those who will give. But we’re not going to win this thing with money.” Everyone knows that you can’t win a campaign without money. And when I first heard him mention this in the cottage meeting I held, I started to doubt he could make it.

Alas, I appreciate his efforts, and I wish Steve all the best. Further I hope that he maintains his position as a Representative in the State House of Representatives. Because he still represent me and my opinion on many matters.


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