TV Executives Need to Take Responsibility

Sex is an addiction.

Of all human passions, food, entertainment, sleep, etc. there is only one that cannot be satiated. You can eat too much. You can play too much. And you can sleep too much. However, sex researchers have found that sex in insatiable. (Source can be provided upon request).

And the TV executives know this. They use sex to draw people to their programs and sometimes it succeeds. It is especially successful among the population that is the most curious about it.

Teenagers love to watch shows like The O.C. and Desperate Housewives. I remember in my day it was Beverly Hills 90210. A few years back it was Friends and Sex in the City.

TV executives claim that they aren’t responsible. They claim that it is the responsibility of the parents.

And while I agree that parents carry a larger part of the burden. We have forgotten that for society to really thrive all players need to take a part in the responsibility of raising our children.

When the v-chip came out I knew that it would be an excuse for TV executives. They would claim that they were no longer responsible for what they air because we are in control. We can even turn off the TV. And this is true. And I do. Turn of the TV, that is.

However, does that make the TV industry absolved of any responsibility?

No. You can’t watch a show without sex coming on. It amazes me how many “family shows” are rated TV-PG for sexual dialogue and sexual situations (Check out this Guide for more information on TV ratings).

I think that Two-and-a-half Men is a very funny show. But I have quit watching it. I quit because it is frequently rated TV-PG (SD). I don’t need that in my house. I don’t want it in my house. And it would be there, especially when it is a “family” show.

As a parent I have taken the initiative. Now it is time for the Networks to realize that they too are responsible for the well being of society.


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