Veteran’s Day and Politics Don’t Mix

I respect our Veterans.  They did a great service for our nation, and they are doing a great service for our nation.  I think that our Veteran’s deserve more from us as citizen (via the government) than they are currently getting.  And I would support the changes proposed by Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper and Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake City.

Also, I have always supported President George W. Bush.  And his remarks yesterday are something that I agree with.  This war is a justified and good war.

However, I am bothered that these politicians have taken a day of honor and turned it into a political tool.  This really is divisive.  It’s like all the news articles that come out about the importance of fathers.  They only come out the week before and the day of Father’s Day.  Other than that, dads seem to be a forgotten figure in child rearing.

Are Veterans forgotten figures in our nation?  Are they only important enough to politicize their plight one day out of the year?

If I were a Veteran, I would find it offensive that politicians talked a lot on 11-11.  Especially, if they have done nothing on the other days of the year.

Veteran’s Day is a time to remember, honor, support, and praise the women and men who gave part of all of their life for our country.  We should respect that by not talking politics at the events celebrating their service.


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