Fabulous Farding Friday: Just Stuff

So, I am sure, hat all of you are just dying to know what I have been up to.  Where have I been?  Why haven’t I written?

Well, it’s top secret.

Okay, not really.  I just haven’t been feeling the whole blog thing lately.  Many of my friends in the blog roll have been completely ignored by me.  I just couldn’t make myself read more than I had to, and I just couldn’t get my self to write.

And then someone pointed out to me today that I haven’t written in a month.  So, I decided to get back in gear.

Instead of blogging I have been playing games.  Mostly, I have been distracted by a geocaching game Coin Quest.  I managed to place 87th, which is pretty good for having started late. It was fun, but I don’t know if I will play again.  You see it sort of ruined the fun of regular geocaching.  I didn’t want to go to a cache unless some home it fulfilled a requirement for the quest.  So, I ended up geocaching a lot less than usual.

Instead of blogging, I have been working.  I have also spent some of the time working in my basement.  Our new house only has the basement half finished, and we are adding 2 more bedrooms (1 will probably be a rec room but could be used as a bed room).  My sister-in-law’s husband was over for Thanksgiving weekend and he loves to work on projects like this, so he helped me frame the two rooms and get most of the electrical done.  So, now I have the joy of putting up drywall, painting, and carpeting.  Let’s just say that it is going slowly.

Instead of blogging, I have been traveling.  My sister-in-law’s baby was blessed this past weekend.  And we took a trip to Washington to be there for the blessing (baby blessings are an LDS rite similar to Christening for newborns).  I usually am not too enthusiastic about trips to the in-laws, but this time it was good because I got to geocache outside of Utah.  Oh, and the blessing was nice too.

Instead of blogging, I have been daydreaming.  You will also note that today is the premiere of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  And although my daughters want to go tonight, we just aren’t going to get there.  However, we will go on Wednesday for the Matinee.  Then I will be sure to report my impression, opinion, and thoughts on the movie.

Instead of blogging, I have been thinking about blogging.  Despite the fact that I haven’t taken the time to blog, I have thought a lot about things to blog.  Mostly political, but I won’t take time to tell you what.  If you are following Utah Politics, you will know that most of it had to do with the tax cuts.

Anyway, I am back, and hopefully, I will be fairly regular again.


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