Will it ever happen?

Okay, I know that we need to wait until the 2006 legislative session acutally starts, and maybe this is a bit premature.  But all of this talk about tax cuts in Utah are making me think just one thing.

It’s just talk.

I am sure that I have lost a proposal or two, but it seems to me that we are around the 10th proposal for tax reform in Utah.  Can anyone get on the same page here?  Are we seeing the same proposal more than once?  What’s going on?

I have my suspicions.  I think that this is just an attempt to confuse the common man so that when it comes down to the average Utahn’s opinion, they will just say, leave it alone.  They will be so caught up in the confusion that they will let the state government run away with a multi-million dollar tax surplus, which we know they will abuse.

So, here’s where my take on the tax reform is.  As long as there is a tax cut, good.  As long as the tax on food is eliminate, good.  The larger the tax cut, good.  It’s simple.  Now, quit confusing us, and put some real deals (one or two at most) on the table, and let us know what the difference is.

Again, I know that it is early in the game.  But the proposal after proposal after proposal is not helpful to us citizens.  Let’s keep it simple this is too important to screw up.

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