Fabulous Farding Christmas and Happy Anniversary

Yes, yes, Christmas is truly fabulous and it is a day where many find themselves farding.  So, as with every year, it will be another fabulous farding Christmas.

So, I just would like to acknowledge all of the friends that I have made over this past year because of my writings.

Wow, so, who should get the honor of being listed first.  Or should I just go alphabetically.  Nah.  I will start with those who have made me laugh and been a friend.

Perhaps first is K Jones over at WilkeWorld.  I don’t remember how I came across K’s website, but it has been a pure pleasure over the year.  If you are up for a good laugh and don’t want to take life too seriously, then check out WilkeWorld, where K is King and humor rules.

One of our first readers, an still a faithful visitor is Spike.  I enjoy checking out Spikes sight and she offers great friendship.  Thanks for sticking with me.

Another good friend and Amazing Race enthusiast is Sami.  It’s always a pleasure to get her insights into the game, even though she and I are often rooting for different competitors.  She is also and excellent photog, so check out some of her pictures.

I also have some great friends at Writer’s on the Loose.  Although I don’t believe that they visit here often I must mention them, because they are part of the catalyst that lead me to writing.  Specifically, be sure to check out Michael Christenson, Brandon Page, and Karen Hyatt.  They will both provide a great laugh and great political and philosophical insight.

But, this list of greats would be complete without my political friends.  As has been mentioned on this site, Steve Urquhart offers his great perspective on Utah politics, and this great perspective is always enhanced during Utah’s legislative session.  So, be sure to check him out during the first couple of months of 2006.

There is also Mark Smith, who often has insights on things that most bloggers wouldn’t bother talking about.  But his writings are very thought provoking.

Charlie Foster is always a good read on the goings on in Utah and polygamy in the State of the Beehive.  I wouldn’t consider my bogging experience complete with out reading Charlie’s insights.

Ethan also provides and great perspective on Utah politics at SLCSpin, even if he does like soccer.  Also, you can tell he is a nice guy, he is the only person to have responded to my invitation to comment on my daughters writing over at the Helaman Academy blog.

Tyler Farrer is also a great friend.  He runs both Farrer Commons and Davis County Watch.  Mostly I am indebted to Tyler from his introduction to geocaching, but I do love to read what he rights.

Finally, there is Scott Hinrichs who always offers and very in depth and well researched study into politics and conservatism at Reach Upward.  He really makes my writing seem amateurish, but I appreciate his writings as well.

Thanks to all these and many more who haven’t been mentioned.  I appreciate your friendship.

And on this the 1st Anniversary of the Gazelem blog, please let me wish you all a



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