Fabulous Farding Friday: New Mascot

For lack of a better word (well, there is probably a better word, I am just to lazy to figure it out right now), your favorite website has a brand new mascot.  You can see him right at the top of this page.

I was originally thinking about finding some cartoon like stone character that brought a smile to your face.  However, my search of the Internet came up with nothing.  Well, that it hyperbole.  I found quite a bit but nothing I really liked.

However, my search did produce the picture you now see in the upper left hand corner.  It is what is referred to as the Great Stone Face and it is located near Delta Utah.

Now a quick read of the previous link will tell you that this looks a lot lake the LDS Church’s First Prophet and Leader, Joseph Smith, Jr.  And as this sight is often about the LDS faith and Gazelem is a former pseudonym of Joseph Smith’s, I figured that this image might be suiting.

Further, as you may have read in posts past (l love alliteration), Gazelem is either name of a keeper of a stone, or the stone itself.  Thus, as this is made of stone, I again figured it only proper to have this image as our mascot.

Thus, I introduce to you the Great Stone Face as the official mascot of Gazelem.  This mascot represents Utah, Mormonism, and the name Gazelem.  Please welcome him with open arms.

Please note that this is done out of respect to all noteworthy individuals in the past who have used this name or held this title.  It is not meant to disgrace them, but to honor them.


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