Missionary Remembered, Miners Remembered

Okay, it is still pretty early on the  news about the miners, but my understanding at the time of this writing is that all but one of the miners were saved.  Thank the Lord for his mercy in this.

God be with the family of the one miner who was lost, and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Sorry to have found out that initial news reports were wrong.  Our hearts are now with all the families (including the large mining family) who have lost  loved one in West Virginia.

As for the missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints whose life was brutally taken in Virginia.  Our hearts are with your family too.  It is hard for us to understand the pain, but this one hits close to home for most Latter-day Saints as we are all close to at least one person who served on a mission.

We also pray that his killer is found and brought to justice.

We may not understand your sacrifice in this life, but we know that God has his hands in all things, and we hope that you service will be for the betterment of man.


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