Fabulous Farding Friday: Thanks Leonore

Wow, after a week of nothing, we have such exciting news.

You have already noticed it even. We have a banner for this site. Isn’t it exciting.

I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would have such a wonderful banner. But after some buttering up, a kind offer, and a few revisions, we have a banner for Gazelem.

First of all, I must thank Leonore at Silverwoods for putting this together. They recently put up a wonderful new banner for thier site, and I complimented her on the wonderful job. Then I jokingly said I would have her do one for me, if I could afford to pay her.

Well, she graciously offered to do one for me for free. And she had it to me in only a couple of days. I haven’t posted it until now, because it would be an official roll out unless it was a Fabulous Farding Friday.

So, a couple of things about the banner. You will note that the great stone face is still there. He will remain as our wonderful mascot. And you already know his significance to the site.

But you might be wondering about the rest of the features. The mountain range in the back is of course the Wasatch Mountains. These mountains are really the heart of Utah. They are a great part of our economy. You know you are in Utah if you can see these mountains. If you grew up here, you knew that they were always to the east. These mountains are home to me.

And finally, you will note the Delicate Arch from Arches National Park is also featured. This is hear mostly because I love that arch. Wish I could live with it as my scenic view from my back porch. Alas, it is too far away. But, it is also one of the great Utah landmarks and represents Utah.

Well, again, thank you Leonore. I hope everyone else likes this new banner as much as I do.The Old Gazelem Title Graphic


One Response to “Fabulous Farding Friday: Thanks Leonore”

  1. wogxe Says:

    Good site!!!

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