Not So Marathon Maniacal Monday

Okay, it is time for the confession.  Okay, maybe it is past time for the confession.

I have given up on complete the Marathon.  Well, that isn’t completely true.  It is one of my goals still and I plan on completing it.

My problem is that I have too young of a family.  I can’t take them with me when I run, and I feel bad about leaving my wife home with them alone.  If I wait until the kids are asleep it is too late to do it.

Okay, I am just using my family as an excuse.  I am a wimp!

However, there is some good news.  I have finally met someone who has competed in Marathons before and he talked as though he would do it again.  So, now I just need to hit him up to become my trainer.

Well, we shall see, but I think that he will do it.  So, this will be the last marathon post for while.  I hope that it isn’t the last post ever.  Because this is one goal I would like to complete.

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