Just Don’t Watch It

You all know that I am a big media critic. You know that I don’t support much of what is available on TV, and if it is smut, that it shouldn’t be there.  You know that I would love for TV to go back to the good old shows like the Cosby Show, Knight Rider, and Early Edition.  So you might wonder why I am not going to call KSL and request them to preempt the new show the Book of Daniel.

Let me explain.  WTWO in Indiana has made the correct decision to not air this show.  As a result of this preemption, many socially conservative groups are pushing their local NBC affiliates to do the same thing.  I personally would like to see KSL preempt this show with some boring ER rerun or maybe a nice Law & Order: CI.  However, I don’t feel that calling or emailing KSL is going to cause them to make that decision.

KSL has been known to preempt shows in the past, and I am sure that they will in the future.  At least I hope.

But I don’t think that this show is as bad as it purports. Don’t get me wrong.  I think that it will be inappropriate for my family and I don’t think that it should be on the air.  I just feel that KSL is going to do what KSL is going to do, and there is no amount of phone calls or pressure that is going to make them back down.  They aren’t like KARK who feels that the listeners can be right.

However, there is one thing that we could all do that will cause them to back down.  And that is simply this: DON’T WATCH.  If you don’t watch it then advertisers won’t sponsor it.  If advertisers won’t sponsor it then it will be taken off the air.

That is the problem with this big campaign against this (and any other show).  It simply draws attention to a show that would probably simply go on and then right back of the air, if people would just not watch it.  Instead, you raise the hype about the show.  You call it evil and it gets greater attention than it otherwise would.  Thus increasing its viewership and increasing its revenue and keeping it on the air longer.

The AFA is good intentioned, but wrongly directed.  Getting the show off the air is the right thing to do.  But a better direction would be a whisper-like campaign encouraging good Christians and their friends to boycott this show.

Perhaps I am too naive; perhaps I believe too much in capitalism; perhaps I give the media too much credit.  But I am going to go out on a limb here and say this one thing.  The Book of Daniel will not make it into the Fall Season.  It will either fail in this “half-season” or at the end.  Because people who do watch it will realize that it is too unreal to bother with.  Although people are still watching CSI and that is as fake as it gets.


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