Fabulous Farding Friday: The End

It is the end. It is over.

It is not what you might be thinking, though. In fact, hopefully it will be compeltely different from what you think. It is the end tough.

This will be the last post of this sort. That’s right. Fabulous Farding Fridays are over. You may have noticed the deathly silence around here. Part of it has been a lack of a desire to post, but another part of it has been that I feel constricted. And that constriction has been too self imposed. So, I am removing some of the contrictions.

The biggest constriction has been to keep personal stuff to only on Fridays. Well, if I am busy on Friday then it means that I don’t write. And if it isn’t timely, then I don’t want to write about it. So, I have put it off. This post is a prime example of that. You see I am actually writing this on Monday, and predating it, because I was too busy on Friday to actually write. But I didn’t want to wait until next Friday. So, I am writing this on Monday and predating it a Friday, so that it can be a Fabulous Farding Friday.

This change will mean that there will be no more Fabulous Farding Fridays, and no more Solemn and Sagacious Sundays. The contents from these two “specials” will still be featured here. And hopefully, they will become more regular features. You will also see that this change means that I might get a little more eclectic in my writing.

I am going to be a little more me in it. Not that I haven’t been me before. I have just simply been more the political me. I hope that this change frees me up to express more about who I am and what I like and what I do. We will have to see. Meanwhile, I am going to go and do a few more predated articles.


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