Presently I am using the Preach My Gospel manual for missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as my method of studying the scritpures.  I was inspired by Richard G. Scott’s talk (see previous link).  And I have felt a need to make this my course of study over the past year.

As part of this study, the manual invited me to read read Moroni 7:32-48.  As I read this section I was  to look for principles taught there in and to write a plan to apply those principles in my life.

Well, this caused me to look at this perhaps more closely than I am used to.  You seen in previous studies of these verses I was always captivated by the discussion of the relationship between faith, hope, and charity.  And I often interpreted it to mean that faith lead to hope in Jesus Christ and that hope lead us to be charitble which ultimately brought us to salvation.

However, during this reading, I noticed the use of a word that I hadn’t noticed before: meekness.  Verses 39 and 43 remind us that without meekness we would not have faith or hope.  There is a certain amount of humility that is required before a person can have faith in Christ and his atonement.

So, as I pondered these verses, I thought that the doctrine was, first meekness which leads to faith.  Then faith leads us to hope.  And finally hope leads us to charity.

However, a close look at verse 44 teaches us otherwise.  It is not hope or faith that leads to charity.  Rather it is meekness that also leads to charity.  Thus, meekness is not just the catalists the brings us to ultimate salvation, but rather, meekness is the key ingredient that prepares us for salvation.

Meekness teaches us faith.  Meekness provides us hope.  And meekness gives us charity that we must have to return to our Father in Heaven.


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