Fantasy Baseball

A year ago or so, I commented on my fantasy baseball team.  It was a great little distraction from the monotony of work and I had a lot of fun playing in my league.

Well, about a month ago, I got the fantasy baseball bug again, and I couldn’t wait until the season started up again.  I was so excited that I was one of the first 30 or so teams to start up at

Unforetunatly, I don’t think that my team is going to be as good as last year.  I didn’t quite get the players that I wanted during the draft (because the draft happened before I was expecting).  It won’t be as good because I think that I am in a more active league. But I sure hope that it is fun anyway.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining me in a semi-private league. I say semi-private because we would need 12 teams and I don’t know that we would have eight interested individuals.  So, we would have to open it up to the public after a while.

If you are interested please let me know.   We would have to get started by the end of this week; we could possibly go a little later, but it depends on the sites regulations.  So, please let me know by commenting here, and I will follow-up if we have enough interested parties.


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