TV – The Amazing Race

I remember a few years back, when the Amazing Race was about to air, there was another show with a somewhat similar premise.  If I recall correctly the name of that show was called Lost, not to be confused with the show presently running today with the same title.

Lost was to be a show where people were stranded in the middle of nowhere and they were to return home (or some predetermined place).  If I recall correctly, the only thing that the abandoned people had was a few supplies in their backpacks.

Basically, they had enough footage to run 3 episodes, and it was such a flop that it never aired again.  If you are familiar with this show, then congratulations you are as much a TV junkie as I am.

My friend insisted that Lost would be the better show than the Amazing Race and as usual, I correctly determined that the Amazing Race would be far better.  We had several arguments until the initial episodes were aired.  Ultimately he had to agree that the Amazing Race was better.  I mention this mostly to show that I have been a big fan of the Amazing Race from before the beginning.

And nine seasons of the show have proven it to be a great success.  Actually, its success goes further than that.  The Amazing Race started out as a summer show meant to keep the limited summer audiences slightly entertained until the fall season came about.  However, since then it has become an important part of the CBS line up.  Including its role in this year’s sweeps.

If there is one show that I encourage you to at least take an hour to give a try it is this one.  It airs Wednesday Night at 7:00pm MDT.

This season as with most of the seasons has it usual fray of characters.  The most obvious team has to be the dumb but handsome jocks who are usually the favorites to win because of their physique.  This year that roll is played by Eric and Jeremy.  Two foul mouthed boys who need to grow up and get a life.

They also have the token old couple whose age usually brings them down, but their wisdom keeps them in for longer than most would expect.  Fran and Barry did a great job with playing this part.  And I was sad to see them go last week.

Another common team is the goofy male friends team.  Actually, this duo has always been a flop.  The main exception was in the first season with Kevin and Drew, two frat brothers whose party attitude took them far, but not to the end.  And this last season has also produce and excellent goofy male team in the form of BJ and Tyler.  Two self-described hippies who’s generally fun loving attitude and easy going spirits have not only made the season great, it has kept them near the top for most of the show.

There are other type castings for this show, which generally I wish that they wouldn’t do, but I am only going to speak of one other, and that is the buxom blonds.  These teams always bother me.  They are there to only attract a certain audience that doesn’t care for the game as much as just to watch something “hot.”

This season had an unusual surprise.  Although to an extent they were still type cast, it was nice to see a team that somewhat represented the real American.  This team was sometimes called the “nerd” team, but I felt like I could relate.  I know, I know, me relate to nerds.  It’s hard to believe.  David and Lori captured my and America’s heart be just being all-around American college kids who were in love and didn’t mind being themselves.  I was really disappointed when they were eliminated.  If it wasn’t for BJ & Tyler and Fran & Barry, I don’t know that I would have watched (okay, I would have).

So, yes, this is best show on television today, but it has its flaws.  I would love to see this show done one, with no type casting (accept to possibly say real Americans).  Get rid of the pretty boys, and the beauty queens.  Show me real Americans who just want to have fun.

That said, I am going to make my predictions for winning the race.  And as I always do, these predictions are on who I want to win more than on who I think will win.

4. Eric and Jeremy
3. Ray and Yolanda
2. Joseph and Monica
1. BJ and Tyler

I want Eric and Jeremy in last for their foul mouths and I love to see the “favorites” lose (it’s the only liberal in me that exists).  Ray and Yolanda just haven’t play a good enough game to deserve even the 3ed place that I gave them.  Joseph and Monica have done well, but I really think that BJ and Tyler can bring their recent struggles together to make it to the top of the pack again.


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