Well, I have been debating all night (morning) about whether I should write this column about LOST.  After watching last night’s episode, I am not sure that I like this show very much.

LOST has been steeped in a lot of criticism lately.  Many people have given up on the show because the writers aren’t giving out any hints about the “big mystery.”  Well, I have been very interested in the mystery of the island.

I first started to watch LOST because of the mention that two of the people stranded on the island were Koreans.  Having served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Korea, I love to try and catch what Korean there is in this show, and translate it (in my head) before the subtitles.  I watch M*A*S*H for the same reason (well, almost the same reason, it is a good show too).  But this isn’t about M*A*S*H.

Well, I remember the first episode I watch focus on the character of John Locke.  I had flash backs about who he was, why he was in Sydney Australia, why he was on Oceanic 850, and had perhaps the greatest hint about the mystery of the island.

From that episode on, I have been very hooked on the show.  I haven’t always watched it, and it hasn’t been until the past couple of weeks that I really started to make it a must watch show.  So, I haven’t seen every episode, but I have seen enough to know that I like this show.

However, this past episode really rubbed me the wrong way.  Not because the mystery hasn’t been revealed.  What really bothered me with this episode is the dark turn that this show is taking.  I have given up on many shows because they got too dark (i.e., Without a Trace, and CSI).

WARNING HUGE SPOILER AHEAD: The darkness that I am referring to is first that Annalucia would prostitute herself just to get a gun so that she can kill a man.  And bigger than that, one of the good guys (at least my impression of Michael has been good) would actually kill two fairly innocent people and then shoot himself, just to get his son back.  Don’t get me wrong, I might just do anything to get one of my children back from a kidnapper, but I hope that I would have the fortitude to stop of murdering another human being (accept maybe the kidnapper).

Anyway, for the most part I am impressed with the show, but if it continues down this dark road I may just have to give up on this show next season.  I will give them the rest of this season, but I don’t know that I will continue with next season.


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