TV – American Inventor

I have heard some criticisms about American Inventor, and truth be known I am not sure that it is all that great of a show, but I am captivated by it.  I don’t believe that I have missed a single episode, and it was funny to see what some consider what a great invention is.  My wife and I can’t wait until we get our hands on a bladder buddy (link is to a video).

Yes, there was some good comedy in the show, and perhaps that is part of why I watched.  But the main reason that I started to watch this show was because I love inventions.  I, myself, have never invented something, but I have had an idea or two.  So, when I heard about this show, I figured I would watch and see.

It is a lot like American Idol, a show that I never seemed to get into.  I guess I am just too old, and I don’t have kids old enough to be interested in.  But when this is produce by Simon Cowell, you would expect the similarity.

Perhaps the thing that I like best about this show is that for once, we have real American in a “reality” show.  These are real people who took a problem and found a solution.  Those who made it to the final 12 were people who were looking to move their product along.  People who want to make a difference in this world by doing something good and no just by singing, or manipulating a game.

The stories are real, the inventions are real.  This show truly puts the “real” in reality.

Some of my favorite inventions from this show were:

The Sackmaster by Mark Martinez
The Headliner by Jodi Pliszka
The Word Ace by Ed Hall
The Restroom Doorclip by Sharon Clemens
and a Spherical Child Safety Seat by Janusz Liberkowski

Two of these made it to the final four and when the time comes I will probably vote for one or both of those two (you can vote 5 times).  I am excited to see how it ends.

Now, I have to admit that there could be some improvements with this show.  Sometimes I think that this show is too much about the inventor, and I am more interested in the Invention.  I know it is called American Inventor and not invention, but I really am interested in the invention more than the inventor.

However, I have found that I do enjoy the story behind the inventors, but I am tired of watching men cry because they love their invention so much (or because they sacrifice so much for thier invention).  I like seeing them do.  I like seeing them working on their product and taking it to the next level.

I hope that this show makes it to one more season; because I think it deserves at least that.  I know I will be watching.


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