TV – Survivor

Lately this has been a show that I have felt that I could do without, but I still find myself spending an hour each week watching it.

You may have noticed that 3 of the 4 shows that I have mentioned are so called “reality” TV shows.  If you will grant me a little aside, I wish to discuss why I watch so much reality TV.  The main reason is that for the most part the “reality” TV does not offend my value system.  It may be mind “numbing.” But it isn’t offensive.

Yes, Survivor might be some what questionable in that there is a certain amount of deceit necessary to play the game. And yes you can’t be an under 30 female and be on the show unless you are willing to where a bikini, but there really is nothing sexy about a 20 something who is starving to death and doesn’t have the common sense to cover herself up to keep from losing water by evaporation to the heat of the sun.

For the most part “reality” TV is about regular people who are just trying to have a little fun and win a few bucks in the process.  Most people are trying to be honest and good people who try to play fair.

Now back to Survivor.

I mentioned that there are some concerns with this show, and because of those concerns, I have never really put this high on my list of favorite show.  The only reason that this falls in the top 4 is because there are so few good shows lately.

This season in particular has been somewhat fun for me.  I have enjoyed rooting for the underdog and watching that underdog win.  Terry Deitz isn’t your typical underdog.  He is by far the strongest and smartest player on this season (and perhaps ever in the game).  Terry has dominated in all of the challenges (the only one’s that he has lost is where the social positioning is important, and that is where he is the underdog).

If you haven’t been watching, Terry’s team during the tribal immunities didn’t do very well.  And Terry’s team went into the merge with less members.  This has put Terry at a disadvantage.  Terry’s competitiveness and will combined with his underdog status has pushed him to win every individual immunity since the merge, and now he is guaranteed to be in the final three.

Terry rocks the Survivor world.  He has never given up.  He may not have played the social aspect of the game well, but he has played all other aspects better than anyone I have seen on survivor (and I have watched almost every season).  He has pushed through to the very end.

With that let me give my predictions for the end of this.  It is obvious that I want terry to win, but I don’t think that he can pull out the votes from the jury.  So, I won’t give what I want to happen (that’s obvious).  These are my predictions of what actually happens:

4. Cirie
3. Aras
2. Terry
1. Danielle

If Cirie isn’t the next out then I would say it is Danielle and Cirie will win.  The rivalry between Terry and Aras will keep them from being in the final two.


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