Bent TV – CSI

I used to watch CSI.  I probably gave it more time then it was worth during the first couple of years.

During that time, one thing consistently bothered me.  Crime Scene Investigators don’t make arrests!  Yet, Grisham always ended the show in glory, by being at the arrest and flaunting his glorious mind.

I started to give up on the show because of that, but its bent direction finally turned me away for good.

Admittedly, I haven’t watch CSI for years.  I really have no idea what is going on with each character, and I really don’t care.  Thus, all of my observations come mostly from either the 2nd or 3rd season.

What finally turned me off of the show was during the end of one of the seasons there was an insinuation that Grisham was having an affair with a lady who ran a porn house (and I am using a PG term to try and describe it).

Granted it seems that every promotion that I see for this show has to either involve a strip club, a whore house, or some other sexual activity.  And that really should have been enough to turn me off.  However, it wasn’t until the main character pursued evil and made this show a completely bent story, that I finally gave up on it.

What really disgusts me with this show is that these are supposed to be the good guys.  However, Hollywood can’t have any truly good guys any more.  They have to have bad guys who are playing the good guy role.  This is perhaps the best definition of a bent story.  I truly yearn for the days of the good cop who busts the bad guy.  To a certain extent the Law and Order stories fit that category, and if I have time, I don’t mind spending a hour watching them.

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