TV Nostalgia

To wrap up my month long television reviews and criticisms, I would like to end my talking about a couple of “classic” TV shows that I wish were back on the air.  Actually, I don’t know that I want these shows back on the air as much as I want shows like them.

The Cosby Show
I had to start this list with Bill Cosby.  Of all my childhood memories surrounding television, I remember most wanting to be just like Heathcliff Huxtable when I was a dad.  The man integrated parenting, humor, and good clean fun into every show.

In the Salt Lake Area the Cosby Show still air as reruns at 1:00 and 1:30pm.  If I am awake I usually try and take a peak.  The interesting thing is that as I watch I have noticed the ratings.  This family show is almost always a G rating.

None of the Cosby Wannabe Shows (i.e., Everybody Love Raymond, Home Improvement) come close to the amount of G ratings.  The Cosby Show is what a true family sitcom should be.  It amazes me how often a modern “family” show is blocked on my v-chip enable TV (mostly I block for Sexual Dialogue and Sexual Situations).

Home Improvement
Okay, I know that I criticized this a little earlier, and I definitely think this show could use some improvement.  However, for the most part this was a truly family friendly show.  The kids were as much a focus for the show as were the parents.  It amazes me how often family shows are more about the adults trying to get along than they are about parents raising children (i.e., Hope and Faith).

Early Edition
If you have been reading this site for a while, then you know that this is one of my favorite dramas of all time.  I was really upset when it was pulled off the air.  I even email CBS to ask them to bring it back.  I used to be able to watch the reruns on PAX now i.  However, they aren’t airing it any more.

I like this show because it was about a good guy doing his best to do the right thing.  This was truly a whole story in my book.  Sure there were some plots near the end of the show were mysticism and the dark arts were at play (my personal opinion as to why the show failed), but for the most part this show didn’t offend my values.

Touched by an Angel
Now I know you are thinking that this is just typical.  A Utah Mormon wishing that this show was back on the air.  However, when CBS first cancelled this show, it wasn’t just the Mormons who called for it to be back on.

This show was both faith promoting (in what I felt was a very non-denominational way) and always left you feeling good.  There was no sex, very little violence, and always a message of hope.

Highway to Heaven
I really don’t remember much about this show; I remember that our family always used to watch it when I was a kid.  And I figured since I always saw Touched by an Angel as a cousin to this show, that I would mention it here.

But again, this was a faith promoting, family friendly, clean show.  The story lines were also always whole in that good prevailed over evil.

I could mention more (like Eight is Enough or Our House), but I will leave it at these for now.  Please don’t get me wrong.  Not all “classic” TV speaks to values and uplifting society.  However, there was a lot more valuable and good in the TV of my childhood, than there is in TV today.

After this month long attempt in writing about TV, I have decided that I want to give the professional TV critiquing site a try.  I have tentatively started something up at blogspot.  There is nothing really there now.  But I hope to have the site up an running by about September to start critiquing for the Fall 2006 new TV year.  Please come on over, and help me make this a very professional site.

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