Marriage and the Big G

Almost two years ago, my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by attending Education Week at Brigham Young University.  Yeah, I wanted to do something more exciting like at a lake or on a cruise, but my wife won out.  Good thing she did.

While I didn’t really want to go, there were a couple of classes that really struck my interest.  One was on finance and retirement savings and it ended up being a great class and very entertaining and informative.  The other was Brett Latimer‘s course on American Culture.  This four-part course discussed American History and how our culture has been influenced by Hollywood, our constitution and government across history, and homosexuality.

That last item on the list gets me ahead of where I want to be, but it tells you where I am going.  Also the lecture notes that I linked to earlier (and here), are slightly different than the ones from the class I attended.  But the idea is basically the same.

The first lecture (PDF) was basically a discussion of how Hollywood has an agenda.  Hollywood, anymore, isn’t about entertaining people as much as it is about indoctrinating people.  He presents some interesting statistics about the increase in number of R rated movies and the decrease in attendance at theaters.  While, I am not sure that there aren’t flaws in his presentation, I was awe struck by what I learned.

The second lecture (PDF), which I believe I missed, but figured out from the third lecture, was about moral relativism and its negative effects on our culture.  To state it rather simply, there is an absolute truth (the big G, as Latimer called it).  However, society tries to teach that all things are good (the little g in Latimer’s words).  And throughout history the big G and the little g have been at odds with each other.

I don’t see it in the notes that Latimer provides currently, however, he paralleled the Civil Right’s movement to the Homosexual movement.  He said that in the case of the civil rights movement the liberal (meaning not conservative according to the time) cause was the big G.  It was a movement towards a correct principle that all men regardless of race, religion, and color were created equal.  And because this was a big G issue that the 15th Amendment was passed and ratified.

So, the questions come down to this.  Is the Marriage Amendment that is up for vote on June 6th a big G or a little g?  Is marriage between a man and a woman an absolute truth?  Or is it just a winds of the time concept?  For me this is a big G.  And although many are having a problem with this amendment for many reasons after serious reflection on this subject and on the lecture from Brett Latimer, I will be following the counsel of my religious leaders and I will be writing my congress asking them to vote for this legislation.


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