TV – Scripps National Spelling Bee

If you will indulge me for a minute,  I want to go back to TV for just a brief comment.

I had a lot of fun sitting with my family and watching the 78th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee.

It was as good as any professional sport.  There were judging errors; there were eliminations; there were fouls, time outs (bonus time).

It came down to a final challenge between a Canadian 8th Grader and Canadian National Spelling Bee Champion, Finola Hackett, and an 8th Grader from New Jersey who has been to the Spelling Bee four time before, Katharine Close.

My American pride could have me rooting for the Finola because she was from Canada (with all due respect to my Canadian friends and former work associates), so I was cheering for “Kerry” Close to win.  You could see in her eyes that she new how to spell the last two words that were needed for her win the competition.

This is what TV should be about.  Good clean family fun.  A time to cheer for someone to do there best.  It was a couple of well spent hours with my family. (Not to say that I couldn’t have dome something more productive or beneficial with my children.)

Congratulations to Kerry Close.


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