Voting for John Jacob

This is just another quick note (work has been too busy).  I just thought that I would share my vote with you before I reach the polls.

As a constituent of the 3rd District, I need to send the Cannon and packin’.  I have consistently wanted to get rid of Cannon for several years now.  The thing that gets me is how slow we have been to respond to Chris Cannon‘s pro-immigration policies.

Some of you may remember Matt Throckmorton.  He ran against Cannon for at least two terms that I know of.  And he was a one issue candidate, that issue being immigration.  And he just couldn’t win.  I think that is a statement of shame on us more than a shame on Cannon.

We had several chances to get rid of Cannon, but it wasn’t until this issue came to such a head as it is, that we are willing to vote against Cannon.

Well, let’s get rid of our own shame and let’s put Cannon out of office and Jacob in.

While I think that John Jacob is deeper than the one issue that he is known for.  I am voting for him mostly as a vote against Cannon and not for Jacob.  But I really feel that he will better represent Utah and the 3rd District than Canon has for the past 5 terms.

There is also a local race that is involved in the primary.  It is between Carl Wimmer and Dennis Sampson.

After reviewing there websites and some of the flyers that have come to my house, I have finally decided on Carl Wimmer.  I feel that he sees education and the role of government the same way that I do.  While I am afraid that Sampson will sees government’s role as the solution to of human problems.

Sure these are some over generalization about these two gentlemen, but these smaller elections it is hard to get good information.

Whome ever wins in both of these races, I hope that they will really take some time to listen to and act according to thier constituency.

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