What’s Up with Travis?

So, some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted much lately.  Okay, so you weren’t wondering that, and I am just flattering myself to think you are.  But I am going to share why anyway.

Things at work are in quite a turmoil.  In the past 2 to 3 months we have had 4 employees either quit or get fired.  While, they have found replacements for them, my job takes about 3 months to train on and at least a year before one is comfortable doing the job.  So, that basically means we are 4 men down for about a year.

Now, as I work the overnight shift, you would think that it wouldn’t have much impact on me because none of the who left the company worked directly with me.  And you are right the effect directly to me isn’t all that bad.  The job is still the same and the work level hasn’t changed.

The big problem is that one of the guys who quit told everyone that I could work on many of the extra-curricular work that he was involved in.

Even though my parent company has its own computer program development company that works specifically to provide us with progams to get our jobs done, they aren’t as receptive to the many great ideas we have to making our jobs easier.  If they do take the time to things we ask them to do, they do it so that we spend a week trying to get it to work the right way.

Well, because of this, Marty (not his real name) started to work on getting some of the things he needed to make our jobs easier.  And he has put together some great things.  Well, when he got hit with a snag, he would usually come to me and ask for my insights.  This lead him to conclude that I could do his job when he quit.  He told a person or two, and now I am stuck with the “computer programmer” role.

I am really motivated to fill this role for one simple reason.  I want to get off of this shift.  So, I am hoping that they will either see that I am needed to such and extent that they move me.  Or that they have pity on me and as a reward they move me off.  I really don’t care what their reasoning is.  I just want them to get me off of this overnight schedule, so that I can sleep.

Because of this new added burden, I am now spending more time working and less time playing on the Internet.  Can you believe my company is actually getting their moneys worth out of me.

Fortunately, I am done with both projects (don’t tell my boss, I am holding out on one of them because I want to make sure it works).  So, I should be able to spend more of my time reading on the Internet and sharing ideas.


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