Marathon Maniacal Monday: Oops, Maybe

Okay, I admit it. I didn’t run last week like I wanted too. No that is a definite mis-statement. (But if I were a politician that’s who I would leave it.) I didn’t run, walk, stretch, or exercise at all last week.

With trying to make excuses, it started with Halloween. In the rush of trying to get things done and taking the kids out and about, I just didn’t have time. Then on Tuesday, i just didn’t feel like it, and by the next few days I had talked myself out of the marathon all together.

However, as I thought about it, I remembered that the original training program had a couple of weeks that were “off” weeks. I don’t remember if that meant no exercise at all, but I figured since I am sort of in “pre-training” I could take a week off.

So, I will probably take another week off at Thanksgiving, and you might even hear an excuse at Christmas too. Then after New Years, there will be no more excuses. I will be following the training program outlined by the people at Salt Lake City Marathon.

Despite my week off, I still feel pretty good about my run today. I ran/walked for a solid 30 minutes, and 1.7 miles of that was running. That is just about where I left off about a week ago, so I am happy to say not much was lost. Now, i just need to maintain that, and keep up the commitment.


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