Fabulous Farding Friday: Hard Drives

Mine Crashed.

I knew it was going to. My computer kept warning me. And since the move the warnings got more frequent.

“Back up your data and replace you hard drive,” it would say, almost over other time I would turn on my computer. But I knew it had a little more time.

So, I just kept on using my computer, telling myself that I would fix it later. After all, I have never had a hard drive completely crash on me before. So, I waited.

Well, last Saturday, I came home from work, and my kids said the computer wasn’t working. “What minor problem is it now?” I thought to myself (the rolling of my eyes might have revealed my thoughts if the kids noticed).

Then I remembered. I had set the computer up to defrag while everyone was asleep.

Then I remembered. My hard drive is failing.

Defragmenting a computer when it’s on the verge of failing is like taking a man with a clogged artery to the top of the highest peak in your area. It’s not a good idea.

“Don’t worry,” I told myself. “I can fix this.” But after a couple of attempts I realized that I needed to buy a new hard drive. Also it’s a good excuse to get a larger hard drive (see Mom-in-law, I am an optimist).

My plan was to then transfer all the data from the failed hard drive to the news one. Boy am I naive or what.

No success there.

So, lost are 5 years of photos (some are backed up on a CD but that was at least a year ago and I haven’t found the CD yet); lost are 2 years of my checking account; lost are several years of emails; lost are old web sites that I used to administer, but are no longer; lost is my computer journal; lost is my wife’s memoirs to give to her children.

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