Happy Holidays

I said it. “Happy Holidays.” There now all the Christian organizations can boycott this site. Well, they probably already have because it is a site with LDS discussion. But now that I have wished you all a Happy Holidays, I am sure that I have lost you all.

I just don’t get it. Sean Hannitty and Glenn Beck just need to drop it. If a store wants to have a Holiday Special, so what?! Are they trying to diminish the importance of Christmas? Maybe, but I hold to the idea that their “diminishing” of Christmas enhanced it. It takes away the commercialism, and helps us to remember to the real meaning of Christmas.

Okay, I do find the idea of a Holiday Tree somewhat wrong. It has always been a Christmas Tree and always will and should be. But that’s where my ire for commercial establishments not using the term “Christmas” ends.

My first entry on this site was on a similar subject. My non-Christian (non-Mormon) friends understands it better than the ACLU and the radical Christian right.

Christmas is a Christian Holiday, and they can wish me a merry one if they want. Or they can choose to ignore it. I won’t think any the less of them for doing either. It is their free right to do so. But I wouldn’t be offended if they choose to wish me a Happy Holidays. Perhaps, they do so, because they aren’t sure what the LDS tradition is with Christmas. Perhaps they are doing it because they are offended by Christmas. Either way, it is perfectly acceptable, and we Christ-fearing men and women, should live with it.

Most Commercial Outlets that are hawking their holiday ware as Holiday ware because it speaks to a larger audience. They mean no offense to Christians, and they mean to preferential treatment to non-Christians. They are just out to make a buck.

So, if you want to encourage Walmart in a direction that commercialized Christmas, than join in the boycott. If you want a less commercialize Christmas, than maybe the best thing to do would be to keep our mouths shut.

As for me, I did most of my shopping at Wal-Mart. If we see you there this season, Happy Holidays, and a Merry Christmas.

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