Letter to Representative Carl Wimmer

Mr. Wimmer,

As a member of your contingency I appreciated reading your comments in the South Valley Journal.  I am especially grateful for your efforts to communicate with and listen to the people in your district.

I am writing to you to let you know what issues are important for me in 2007 and what my opinions are on the subject.

Perhaps first, I would have to say that I am disappointed in the tax situation.  For the past couple of years, I have Utah has run a surplus, and we still have no tax cuts to the people who paid into that surplus.  I strong support the $300 thousand tax cut I recently read about in Deseret News.  While, I don’t know the details of where the money would come from, for the most part I support any tax cut, the higher the better, but something is better than nothing.  Personally, I would love to see most of the cuts come from income taxes, and property taxes.  I would also support tax cuts on food purchases.

I would personally recommend that the money be pulled from social programs (i.e., Child and Family Services, WIC, and the Horizon program).  I definitely want funds protected for law enforcement, roads, and education.  However, I would like more accountability from the education system.  While I think that children’s academic achievement is important, I think that the administrations in many districts are too heavy.  So, accountability in how the money is spent on administration would be important too.

This leads to my second big concern.  I have five children.  Three of them are currently enrolled in public education.  So, I would have to say that education is my second most important concern.  I am in support of school choice.  I have recently applied to three local charter schools, and I plan to apply to at least one more. I hope that my children are able to get in through the lottery system.  I think charter schools will enhance our education system by creating a sense of competition between schools, and encourage our current education system to change.  Specifically, I would like to eliminate the tenure programs in the schools.  Good teachers should be rewarded and bad teachers should be removed.

I look forward to following your administration, and your efforts in representing our district.  I hope to continue writing you as issues regarding this legislative session come to light.

Travis R Grant
Riverton, UT

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