Mormons for Brownback

If you are following the Mitt Romney campaign (if you are a Utahn, it’s almost impossible not too), then you might be aware that there is a group of Evangelical Christians that support Romney in his presidential campaign.  And I think that it is great to see the movement in support of a Mormon candidate.

However, as I have expressed in the past, I am not a big fan of Romney for president.  He is too centrist for me.  Now, I know it takes a centrist to win.  And that is probably what makes him a good choice.  However, I am not a centrist, and in the primaries, I usually find myself voting for someone of the social right as well as the fiscal right.  I will list Alan Keyes as one example.

Actually, I think that it would be really fun to see a race between Barrack Obama and Alan Keyes.  But it looks like Keyes is not putting his hat in the rink this year.

So, that leads me to a little exploring, and so far my support is for Sam Brownback.  When I lived in Kansas I always felt the Brownback represented my views well in Washington.  He is even doing a better job than the Mormon Congresspersons from Utah.

Brownback is a no nonsense Republican, that in my eyes is the most Reagan Republican we have running for President.  He is tough on taxes, big on values, and a real American.  Brownback will represent an important segment of the population, and that is the conservative American who values family, home, faith, and responsibility.

So, I officially announce that I am starting an unofficial group in support of Brownback for President.  It will have as it’s focus the promotion of why Mormons should support Sam Brownback in his campaign for President..  It will be an effort to show that Brownback’s values and political ideals are more in line with Latter-day Saint’s than any of the other Republican Candidates.

I hope that you will consider Brownback and his presidential bid, which will be officially announced this Saturday.  I would love to hear your thought on why you might vote for Brownback and why you might not.


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