Digital TV and the Hive

A couple of month back, my TV went on the fritz. We weren’t really in a situation to be running out and buying a TV, but as many of you know, it is sort of like my life line.

So, not really being able to afford a TV what do you think would I do. Yep, that’s right, I bought an HDTV. Okay. That is not technically correct. It is an ATSC TV. Basically, it is a television, that can receive both analog signals, and digital signals, and it can display HD programming.

When I bought it I was hopeful that this TV would come with more channels (I don’t subscribe to cable), and that my quality would be great. I got exactly what I was hoping for and more.

First, the quality of the picture is great. When I first got the TV, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I seriously kept looking at the TV wondering if the actors were going to come out of the screen. It was just awesome. I have to admit, that I am not impress with the audio, but that may be a function of the design of the room.

However, what I am really impressed with is the additional channels that I am able to tune into. I now receive almost twice as many channels in my home (and again, I don’t subscribe to cable). I now can watch an all weather channel, produce by KSL. I receive 2 more PBS channels, which have some great programming at times. And I receive a couple extra channels from BYU Broadcasting and Ion Digital Network.

I love the BYU-TV that is broadcast. If you have cable, then you are aware that BYU-TV is an LDS themed channel that has excellent LDS content from talks given by leaders of the church, to church produced videos on faith, history, and family. This is an excellent channel to turn to, if there is “nothing on TV.” But often, it is a great channel despite what else there is to grab your interest.

However, the main reason that sparks this post is the Hive TV. I guess this channel is also available on some cable networks so some of you may have watched this channel. Well, I love the Hive. Usually, I don’t turn on the TV unless I know what I want to watch, but when I turn it on just to fill time, I always check out the hive.

The Hive is locally produced television and movies done by I would guess amateurs. They range from talk show formats, to comedies, to musicals, to religious programming.

Not everything you see on the Hive is quality, most of it you understand why it isn’t on regular TV or in movie theaters, but there is a lot on this channel that is just fun to watch. Two of my favorite programs from the Hive are movies.

The first movie I saw on the Hive was “I Hate Death,” which is a local production by some company that I think is named the Salt Lake Movie Company. Without ruining the show, it is about a 20 something guy who gets hit by a car and is lead through the death process. The acting is good, the production is good, and the story line and comedy is excellent.

Just tonight I finally caught the entire movie called “Open House.” I don’t know who produced it, but it might be the same Salt Lake Movie Company. This is a horror flick about a man who buys a million dollar home after a divorce, and his wife is sewing him to get her share of the money he hid from her to buy the house. Again I won’t ruin the show, but it has an excellent ending.

Anyway, I am completely happy with my digital television, and if you don’t have a digital receiver, I would highly recommend you consider purchasing one.


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