Copper League Baseball

For the past couple of years, this has been the time that I have told you about the fantasy baseball team that I have just started. I have come to love playing fantasy baseball over the years. However, this year, I have decided to do something different.

Playing fantasy baseball with a fake team just isn’t enough for me. No, I decided to make it a little more real. So, this year, I am going to be hosting a fantasy baseball league. This will put me in charge of administering various aspects of a league of 8 teams.

I like the format for fantasy baseball at Statheads Fantasy Baseball, so I will be hosting my team there. I like Statheads because this game works more like real Major League Baseball.

Copper League BaseballI decided that since most of the people who would be joining this league are from Utah (non-Utahns are invited as well), that I would give the league a Utah feel. So after discussing it with a co-worker, I decided to name the league the Copper League. The league is divided into two divisions, like the American League and the National League in MLB. So, in keeping with the Utah theme, one will be the Golden Spike Division and the other will be the Red Rock Division.

Because the rules are only available to people who have registered, I am going to give a brief run down of how the game works. If this is too boring for you, and you just want to join and learn the rules later, then skip this.

The first thing that players will do is have a draft. You will be expected to draft 5 starting pitchers, 3 relief pitchers, 5 outfielders, and 2 players for each infield position (1B, 2B, 3B, and C). This is done by either an auto-draft or a live draft. I know that an auto-draft isn’t the best way to draft a team, but it is the easiest, so that is most likely what we will do. However, if as a league people want a live draft, we can try and work that out too.

After the draft, there will be several weeks of getting your team settled. This is where you can trade players with other teams, or claim players who are in the “free agent” pool. It is the time to decide who should be your starting players, and who is going to sit on the bench.

Finally, About a week after the real baseball season starts, Statheads baseball starts. Each day you will play head-to-head against another player in your division or the other division. As in real baseball, you play more games in your own division, than with the other division. Then the best two teams from each division will go against each other in a division playoff. And of course it finishes up with the league series, where the division champs play against each other.

It’s a lot like real baseball.

So, finally, the point to all of this is to get you to join my league. I promise to try and make it a lot of fun for all who play. If you have never played before, don’t worry, it isn’t all that complicated, and I will be there to help. If you are an experienced player, please go gentle on us (yes, that includes me), who aren’t that great of players. I don’t care if you consider me an old friend are if you are new here, I hope that you will consider joining.

D-back Rattlers To join you will need to register as either a new player or returning player, on the Statheads site. Then you will be able name you team what ever you want. I have named my teams various things from the Mormon Marauders to the T-Men (T for Travis). However, since last year I chose a name that reflects my favorite baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. My teams name is the D-back Rattlers. As you can see, I am so obsessed that I have even created a logo (note trademark infringements).

Somewhere in this process, it will ask you if you want to join a public or a private league. You want to join my private league. The pass code is gazelem (changed to league6). You might also need to know that you are joining the Copper League. If you have any questions please either post it here or email me at trgrant – at – byu dot net.

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