It’s a Win-win for the Bad Guys

It’s an ingenious move if you really think about it. Simply ask your enemy for a favor and when your enemy turns you down then you can make him look like the bad guy. If your enemy is stupid enough to carry a snake then you bite him. It’s a win-win for the perpetrator.

Soulforce Equality Riders is a gay rights activist group that illegal entered Brigham Young University’s property and started a sit in to protest BYU’s gay unfriendly policies.
They are no planning another protest, but this time they are going to keep it legal, at least we hope.

However, their recent request implies that they have something up their sleeve. Soulforce decided that while here in Utah they would love to do a little charity work and to take some time to understand the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (their enemy if I may be so bold). However, this decision is a divisive one at best.

If the LDS Church agrees for Soulforce to enter their property for a “friendly visit,” then Soulforce can stage a protest and argue that they can’t be arrested because they were invited or at the least granted permission to be there. So the only reason for a possible arrest or eviction would be to keep them from exercising their constitutional right to free speach.

However, if the LDS Church rejects their request to serve and learn, which they did, then Soulforce can paint the Church as being bigoted and afraid. It’s a win-win for them. The Church is “damned if the do” let Soulforce come on their property, and they are “damned if they don’t.”

Fortunately the Church has a long standing policy of not allowing political groups who have protested to come on Church property for a reason. This is the only saving grace. However not all who will hear about the ban will know that Soulforce isn’t the only organization that has been denied the right to visit the Church’s Temple Square.

Nice little trick their Soulforce, I hope the people are aware of your conniving ways, and that they give the Church more credit than you give the Church. For me, I give Soulforce no credit except for being deceitfully.

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