The Real Reason I Am Against a 4th Seat

Perhaps it’s a little late to be discussing the fourth House of Representatives seat that has been debated by the U.S. Congress, but this recent Deseret News article lead me to realize why a Republican should really be against this measure.

Based solely on its constitutionality, I am against the move to give Utah a fourth seat in the House. The constitution requires a Census to determine the number of Representatives in the House for each state. Yes, during the last census Utah missed out on a fourth seat by only a few hundred citizens.

It’s a tough deal, but it is the law.

Now Eleanor Norton with the help of 10 House Representatives wants to subvert the law and and give the District of Columbia an official voting position in the House. At first look, one might think that it is a balanced joint bill by counting the total number of Democrats and Republicans on the bill. However, we need to remember that Norton, although not having a vote, is viewed as important an individual as many of the other Representatives on the bill.

Also if you consider that the only Utah Representative whose name is on this bill is a Democrat, you realize that this is a measure that is more important to the Democrats. This is a bill that would mostly benefit the democrats.

The Deseret News article reveals this as well. When the Republicans tried to amend the bill to allow for lesser gun control in the District of Columbia, the bill died. Gun control is an important issue to the Democrats. If the Republicans wanted to kill the bill then this is the way to do it. And they did.

I am not against the District having a vote. I just want it legally. I am not against a fourth seat in the House for Utah either. I just want it legally.

Further, by giving the District a vote in the House right now, we are giving the Democrats more power than they should have legally, and that is why they are pushing this bill.

Farsighted vision is what we need when we consider a 4th seat for the state of Utah. If we hold off until 2010, just a mere 3 more years, we will have our 4th seat. If we fight for it now, then we have given the Democrats an illegal vote in the House. Not only have we given up power, which the Democrats want, we have also broken the law.

If the District of Columbia wants a vote in the House, then they really need to work to amend the constitution. This would be a difficult task because they would need to convince America that they need a vote, but amending the constitution is the legal and correct way, whether or not is give more power to the Republicans or Democrats.


3 Responses to “The Real Reason I Am Against a 4th Seat”

  1. Alienated Wannabe Says:

    Great post Travis,

    I agree completely. It is important for us to also remember that this effort to gain a voting seat in the House is just the first step for the DC Vote crowd. Once they have established this president, they will imediately demand two senators. This would give the left far more power than is appropriate for generations to come–very dangerous.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out, friend.

    Alienated Wannabe

  2. Copedi Says:

    I am fully in favor of giving D.C. full representation in the House and the Senate. In fact, it’s a shame we haven’t already done that. But Travis is right. It needs to be done constitutionally, and the current proposal isn’t it.

  3. Alienated Wannabe Says:


    I do not believe that “it is a shame we haven’t already” given “D.C. full representation in the House and the Senate,” because I believe the founding fathers were inspired by God when they produced the Constitution.

    They purposefully created the notion of a federal district that was to function differently than a state. They had good reasons for this that I do not have time to get into now. But, it is important that D.C. function in its role and not try to function as a state.

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