The Church is True No Matter Where You Sit

My wife likes to sit up front.  I tease her that it doesn’t matter where you sit in the chapel the Church is still true.

We once got to the chapel a little late and ended up sitting on the second to last row, and it really bothered her.  I had no problem with it.  Sure the teens behind us were a little annoying, but the message was still the same and the gospel was true.

However, I had an opportunity to sit up close (sort of) during General Conference.  My three oldest kids are all old enough to attend this year (the Church recommends eight years and older to be in the conference center).  So, when the bishop mentioned that he had five tickets for any one who wanted to attend the Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference, I figured that this would be a great time to take the kids.

The message that was shared during the last session was the same for those in the Conference Center as those watching through another medium.  The Spirit was equally conveyed by the wonderful speaker to all.  And I still struggle with staying awake during sessions, whether at home or in the Conference Center.

However, it was very wonderful experience to finally attend Conference in the same room as the Prophet, his Counselors, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the Seventy.  From where we sit, my wife could barely manage to figure out who was who.  We would have been stumped if we didn’t have the Twelve memorized in order of seniority.  However, you could see the simple humanity in these great men of God.

My testimony is stronger as a result of being in the Conference Center.  The message was the same.  The Spirit was there for all who attended or watched.  However, seeing the love of these men in person was a wonderful experience and a lift in my testimony.


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