2 for 2

Okay, this is not about the recent Jazz wins. Sorry Jazz Fans, but I am not a big follower of Sports, except for baseball.

Instead I just wanted to brag a bit. Well, I don’t know if this is something to be proud of, because some times those who write Letters to the Editors can be a little loopy. However, I have written only two Letters to the Deseret News (or any other newspaper). Of those two letter, exactly two have been published.

The main reason that I mention this is because I considered writing here about the Deseret News’ recent opinion on television viewing, but I just didn’t want to write that day. So instead I made a quick comment to the Deseret News.

Now I get to make the point here where one person will read it, and it got read by about three more people via the Deseret News. I am just tired of the people who keep commenting that it is anything other than decency as to why people are turning of the television. It’s amazing how many people I talk to who don’t watch TV because they are sick of the indecency. And they aren’t all Mormons.

Finally, if you are curious about how much they “editorialize” my comments, here is the original letter I sent:

I agree with the Deseret News’ opinion that “television needs a tuneup” ( May 10). However, I don’t agree with your explanation as to why people are tuning out. People are turning off the television because it is too offensive. There is too much sex, violence, and foul language on TV. People are getting sick of bringing this junk into their homes.

Apparently, they don’t like to be called the Deseret News anymore…

Finally, the other Letter to the Editor that I had published was about the over glorification of Mark Hacking in the media.  I was tired of hearing how wonderful a murderer was.  He killed someone, why must the media deify him. Unfortunately, it is still happening, need I point out the media love for Cho and Talovic.