UEA Opposes Splitting of Districts, I Support Splitting

So, being a citizen of Riverton, I am on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to splitting districts.  The best thing for our children’s education is to reestablish more local control of our children’s schools.

The UEA keeps touting that a by splitting the district the west side will have a higher tax burden.  I have  been quoted a figure as high as 300% increase in our property taxes.   While, I don’t think that this is the UEA’s real reason for opposing the split, I think that this is a non-issue.  As is noted at the end of the Deseret News article laws can be made (and I would guess easily passed) that would make funding new buildings more balanced across the state.

I have also heard the argument that many services would have to be reduced.  For example, because it would be more expensive to fund programs for the academically advanced or for those with learning disabilities.  However, this too can be easily resolved by creating unified school district programs.  For example, the new West Jordan School District could join forces with the new Sandy and Draper School Districts to provide a multi-district program that would meet the needs of programs that now exist.

I do agree with one thing that the UEA says.  I know that is hard for many readers to believe, however, they are right on one issue.  Those of us on the west side should be given a voice in the district split decision.  I would vote for the split though, even though I am on the west side.