I Don’t Fit the Mold

Maybe it’s because I am from Utah, but I don’t fit the statistic the Michael Medved quotes in his recent column on TV and Liberalism. I openly admit that I am a TV addict. I love TV and if I watch at least an hour everyday. Okay, I don’t get the 4 hours a day like the truly die hard viewers in the study, but I do watch a lot.

Medved also comments that the research is inconclusive as to the cause of the correlation between television and liberalism. It is not known whether TV makes one more liberal or wither liberal ideas cause TV addiction. I would have to vote for that latter.

As I have gotten older, I have become more conservative in my political, fiscal, and social views. Through out this, I have watched a lot of TV. However, as my views become more and more conservative, I find television less and less entertaining.

I am even thinking about just giving up on the TV and turning to books. There are so many great things to read out there; why am I wasting my time of TV. I tell myself that it is because I can put TV down for a few minutes to hug a crying child, or put away a few dishes, or some other quick family task. But with a book, I feel like I have to dedicate 100% of my attention. If you know anything about how I read, then you know that this is true. I am a very slow contemplative reader. Unless, I am not interested, then I just skim it and forget everything that I read.

Anyway, I still love TV and I am still a conservative. However, I feel that my conservative principles are influencing me further and further away from the TV.