Getting Off of the Hoot

I have complained about it before. I have even given expressions of hope that it was going to happen before. But this time it is serious.

I have been working the graveyard shift (hoot owl, hoot for short, is what we call it here) for just shy of 4 years now. And as trite and even cliche as it might sound, I am tired of it.

Well, after almost two years of letting the boss know that I am ready for a change, it looks like things are pointing in the right direction. The big difference is that I am finally training someone who will be my replacement. He started working the hoot shift (after some day side training) at the end of last month, and he seems to be catching on quite well.

If I had the absolute say in the matter, I would be off of the hoot shift by the end of September. Actually, if I had the absolute say I would have been off two years ago. But you get my point.

Unfortunately, I only have a minute say in the matter. And those who do have the power will probably hold me hostage until the end of the year. My only hope is one of the three people who are in control of the situation (Yeah, I know three bosses). This person is my direct boss, and he feels that I should be off the shift NOW. He just needs to be a better politician than I, and convince the other two that he is right.

But you can guarantee that I am doing everything I can to get my replacement fully trained. I just wish that there were more training opportunities here on this shift. We don’t do as much as the other shifts when it comes to the work load. However, we need to be able to do everything that the others shifts do in case of emergency.

Right now we are in the training stage. Starting next month, we go straight into the you-are-on-your-own-stage. The month after that, I hope I am off the hoot, but if not, then I am going to get a lot of personal things done at work, because I will honestly have nothing to do.

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3 Responses to “Getting Off of the Hoot”

  1. Jesse Harris Says:

    I think the worst part of graveyard shifts is that you can’t ever get any sleep. Your friends and family each assume you’ll be staying up after work and then going to bed… or going to bed and then getting up long before work. None of them makes the same assumption either. I think the only way to survive it is to lock your door and unplug your phone.

  2. Travis Says:

    I am so far behind on sleep any more that I don’t even know what a good nights sleep is.

    Actually for me, a little noise helps. Hearing the kids in the other room (as long as it’s not yelling) actually helps me to sleep. The hardest part is when I am off work and I try to live and sleep like a human.

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