Thirteen Years of Complete and Total Utter Marital Bliss

Today is the anniversary of the happiest day of my life. Thirteen years ago at roughly 10:00am, my wife and I met in the Jordan River Temple, and surrounded by family and friends we committed ourselves before God to live together forever. We knelt at an alter and committed to love one another, serve one another, and care for each other for time and all eternity.

This weekend we celebrated by a wonderful trip to the Jordan River Temple with friends and family as well. It was just a normal trip to the temple and a nice dinner afterwards.

This evening, we will continue the celebration by going out to dinner, probably at a local Red Lobster. As usual, the wife knows the key to complete and total utter marital bliss is to cater to your husband. So, we are going to dinner where I like.

When you really think about it, dinner is a rather trite way to celebrate such an important, happy, and significant event. Think about it, you commit to someone such that you promise to give her everything you have or ever will have and all you do to commemorate the event is a quick meal at a local restaurant. I guess we save the big stuff for the big numbers (i.e., 5 and 10, etc.)

Now my kids always look at me weird when I tell them it has been thirteen (or twelve, or whatever) years of complete and total utter marital bliss. I guess they know that things aren’t perfect all of the time. However, it has been marital bliss. Marital bliss. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be marital bliss. In fact, sometimes the hard times is what makes marital bliss so wonderful, because it makes the good times feel so much better.

So, here’s to the wife, hoping we enjoy at least another thirteen more years of complete and total utter marital bliss.

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