10-year-old Girl’s Perspective on Hillary Clinton

So, I had perhaps my first real political conversation with Miss Joe (10 years old) the other day. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I really feel like 9/11 is not a day for politics. I do the same for Independence Day, Christmas, and etc. The conversation when something like this.

On the way home from School, Miss Joe ask, “How many women have run for President?”

I respond, “I really don’t know. If you count every candidate, I would guess somewhere between 20 and 50. However, I don’t think that there were any that made it to the top two most likely candidates.”

“Oh!” was the response. And I start thinking I sure hope she knows that voting for someone solely based on gender is not really the best move.

Then she asks, “PandaMae says that if we elect Hillary Clinton then she will get rid of guns. Is that true?”

“Well, she isn’t a big fan of guns and she would try to limit our access to them.”

“If she gets rid of guns how will we have any meat to eat.”

I start to think about the various ways we could (and probably do) slaughter animals for meat without a fire arm. But I opt not to go that route, and offer instead, “Looking at the people who support her, Clinton is really not a big fan of us eating meat.”

“I don’t think I could vote for her then,” comes the reply.

Yeah! I have a Republican-minded daughter!

Note: I get that to a certain extent I may have been technically inaccurate on some of the things I explained, but I was speaking to a 10 year old, and I didn’t think I needed to burden her with all of the political mumbo-jumbo that she just won’t understand. She will figure it all out over time.


8 Responses to “10-year-old Girl’s Perspective on Hillary Clinton”

  1. bruisinraincloud Says:



    future Republican & woman!!!!!!!!!

    great job!!!!!!!

  2. Tim Says:

    Of course she is a great Republican. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You guys are doing great.

  3. SLCondensed Says:

    Congratulations I see the brainwashing has started young.

  4. Travis Says:

    Wow! SLCondensed, May I suggest you look up the clinical definition of brainwashing. While I think that some of the information at wikipedia is suspect, I will refer you to their site for more information on brainwashing.

    There was no coersion, force, or torture. At best you could claim I provide false information, but my comments were technically accurate. Perhaps after you understand exactly what brainwashing is, you will see that your comments are not correct. Edited 3 Nov 2007 08:15pm for clarification.

  5. SLCondensed Says:

    “Perhaps after your understand exactly what brainwashing is, you will see that you comments are not.”

    “Looking at the people who support her, Clinton is really not a big fan of us eating meat.” Yes that is what Clinton’s running on, isn’t it? Vegetarianism.

  6. SLCondensed Says:

    I could just imagine it now.

    “Mom… dad… I’m …. democrat”

    “What?! Who did this to you?? Get out of my house!! GET OUT!!!”

  7. Travis Says:

    *Smiles, and quietly laughs at SLCondensed naivety about how I would react to my children’s personal and political judgment and development. And will allow her/him the last word, as most liberals are apt to want. *

  8. SLCondensed Says:

    Ugh you actually just insulted me by calling me a liberal. What a sad, ignorant man you are.

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