Mayor Billings Gets it Right, Finally

Too bad he didn’t get it right the first time.  But at least now he is owning up to the mistake, sort of.

iProvo should never have been invested it, but the city of Provo.  The same goes for all other Utopia cities.

Just as I stated in the previous post, cities should not get involved where private enterprise is doing well.   It will always lead to a failure.  And often, the failure leads to a bigger tax burden on the citizens.

Fortunately, Mayor Billing is doing the right thing, and bailing out of iProvo.  It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong.  And in this case Mayor Billings is playing the part of a big man.

Let’s see if other Mayor of Utopia will man up (or woman up) to the table, and get rid of their bad investment.  My honest fear is that they will return the burden to citizen’s to make up for their mistakes.


3 Responses to “Mayor Billings Gets it Right, Finally”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I am just waiting for Jesse Harris to write “IProvo and UTOPIA would be making money if the right people were in charge”.

  2. Jesse Harris Says:

    Yeesh, Andrea. Am I that predictable?

    Travis, I highly recommend some further reading on the telecommunications industry before passing judgment. Jeremy Manning thought the same as you do about a year ago and has since come to the same conclusion I have: the current state of federally-supported monopolies in telecommunications has no other resolution.

    Will it hurt? Dang right it will. But it beats the alternative of being subject to anti-competitive monopolies for several more decades.

  3. Travis Says:


    I am not sure I need to look any further into the history. I consider myself well versed. But maybe I am missing something.

    If you are referring to the monopolies of times past, I just simply have to remind you that the cell phone industry is no where near a monopoly, and that it would have taken care of many of the problems of MaBell that government tried to do.

    Further, my opinion is based primarily on the principle of limited government. So, I doubt that much could sway my opinion, it isn’t founded necessarily in facts, but principles. That isn’t to say that I wish to be ignorant of facts. Facts are very important. However, I believe principles are more important. If the facts aren’t in agreement with my principles, I will usually question the facts first. if that doesn’t work, I will consider minor alterations to the principle.

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