Who Should Replace Chris Cannon?

I have been meaning to write about my experiences over the past few weeks as a State Delegate for the Republican Party. But I just can seem to get my self to write lately. It just hasn’t been as fun.

But I would really like get my opinion out on the Internet before I cast my vote. So here it goes.

My first experience with the candidates was with Dave Leavitt. I was really impressed with what he had to say. He sounded like a principled conservative, and I was sure that he thought about things like me. I honestly walked out feeling rather overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure that this was going to be a very easy decision.

The things that impressed me about Leavitt was his approach to politics. He seemed very introspective and well thought out. He is a big reader of both moderate-to-liberal news and conservative news. Further, He seemed to be his own man. His thought are his and he will act according to his principles.

I was unimpressed by Leavitt’s riding on the coat tails of Tom Green. Frankly, for as often as Leavitt mentioned Tom Green during our meetings, I wasn’t sure if Green or Leavitt was the candidate for office. I also don’t like his slogan. What does “Restoring America’s Promise” mean? I could write several posts on what those words might or might not mean. And I would still have no conclusion.

My next canidate visit was about a week later with Jason Chaffetz. And I honestly went into this meeting with my guards up. As I have indicated before, I was leaning towards Chaffetz. However, after having met with Leavitt, my leaning was tilted in another direction. So, I wanted to make Chaffetz convince me.

He did.

Simply put, I was sold when he mention that he was debt free. That spoke volumes to me to know that in his personal life he was living what he proposed to do in Washington. Further, he claims to have run his campaign in the black too. This type of discipline is what we need in Washington.

I was also impressed with his campaign materials. Every mailer, letter and web article from Chaffetz is about an issue. Jason knows where he stands on the issues, and he isn’t afraid to say it. He wants those who are voting for him to know what he stands for. I could spend time talking about each issue he has addressed, but you can look over his website and read for yourself where Jason stands. I find that I am in agreement with a large percentage of what Chaffetz says.

I had several concerns about the Chaffetz when I first met him. He seemed to act like he was the morally better candidate. There was an air of we aren’t spending a lot of money, so we are better. We aren’t polling to form our opinion based on yours, so we are better. This moral high grown approach comes off as a little abrasive. However, as I thought about this, these are either non-issues to me, or Chaffetz approach is the same as mine. So, I had to put that aside as I considered him as a candidate.

The next big thing that bothered me was that Chaffetz has a tendency to go negative. He is almost too quick to let you know how he disagrees Cannon or Leavitt. This is probably the number one issue that most delegates have with Chaffetz. However, it does show us a couple of important things.

First, we see that Chaffetz is aware of his competition. He doesn’t ignore them like they aren’t there. Nor does he treat them like the fly that buzzes around you, and swat at them occasionally. He takes the fight head on. Jason appears to be the same way with the issues. He studies it. He gets to know it inside and out, and then he will attacks or supports it based on the his guiding principles.

Second, and this is closely tied to the first, Chaffetz will take this same passion to Capitol Hill. As a general rule, we as Utahns don’t like like aggressive candidates. However, if you think about it, we need an aggressive representative in Washington. New York will pick an aggressive candidate, so will California and many other stats. The Third District needs a fighter, so let’s vote one in.

Some have argued Chaffetz’s aggressive nature will alienate him on Capitol Hill. However, I believe that this will have just the opposite effect. People will see a real leader in Chaffetz. They will want to put him into positions of power because he is willing to fight, even when it is up hill all the way.

For me, Chaffetz is the best candidate, and he has my vote on Saturday.

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to state that I have been working on the Chaffetz campaign for the past few weeks. The campaign has even requested that I write a post about Chaffetz. I hope that Chaffetz comes out on top of this race. And I look forward to the results on Saturday. However, I would never write something that wasn’t my opinion. I hope that this gives those who are still undecided a little push toward Chaffetz, because he is the true conservative in the race.


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  1. Sorro Says:

    Thanks for the trackback. I appreciate your point of view and, as the post you linked to showed, respectfully disagree. Best of luck to you and your candidate on Saturday!

  2. Travis Grant Says:

    Thanks Sorro. And I have to respect your point of view as well. After reading more of your comments I feel that you are pretty level headed, and that you are voting for who you think is the right man. If you like Cannon, then you will like Leavitt. They really aren’t that much different. That is another part of why my support is for Chaffetz, because he is different and will provide the type of representation that I have been looking for in a candidate.

  3. priesthoodholder Says:

    Jason Chaffetz is NOT Trustworthy…. Ask Jason WHY Huntsman won’t endorse him… ask him why he was fired from the Chief of Staff position after only 6 months…. Ask Jason why he was not hired during his next few interviews (although he did start his own business – cuz no one else wanted him)… ask people in Alpine if they WANT or even need him (this explains why he is going for the 3rd district).

    People don’t want Jason to represent them Especially in another district. As someone who lives in the 3rd district, I want ONE OF US to represent US. Jason does not represent us. He is self-serving and selfish…. on top of the fact that Cannon made a great point (one that I have heard many delegates mention, as well) that it is a shame that Jason isn’t trying to become the Republican nominee in the 2nd district where he lives!

    Jason is a shame… and Ask Jason when he became a Republican (Yes, we welcome converts! He just needs more experience – what… has Jason EVER been elected to any public office… let me rephrase that – Jason should acquire some [even a little] experience). What has he done as an elected public servant? Absolutely nothing!

    The Carpet Bagger known as Chaffetz is a Republican in Name Only (RINO)…. all the new folks to Utah- and this includes Cannon, Chaffetz, and Ferguson (I believe Leavitt is the ONLY born and raised Utahan in this year’s 3rd District congressional race) – still have some things to learn (i.e. Cannon could improve his debate skills, Leavitt could be a more polished speaker, Joe could retire, Stone could show up…). Chaffetz is immature, too attacking… to divisive…. to contentious (I really think his high-pitched, whiny voice and tactics or more like Hillary Clinton – wasn’t Chaffetz Democratic for like 25 to 30 years of his life? How does that scripture go – “train up a child…. and he will not soon depart from it”??)

    This democat who is really a RINO is also unrealistic and he is disgustingly uncivil – attacking Cannon and Leavitt… Chaffetz is divisive and contentious to the core…. and I wish he would of made that crucial field goal. Alas – I can forgive the missed field goal. I refuse to vote for Chaffetz.

    ABC (I have heard) is sometimes used for “Anybody but Cannon”. Seriously , my friends, it should be ABC – “Anybody But Chaffetz”!!!!!!

    I have heard him lie about other candidates, misrepresent the facts and I have a difficult time ever voting for someone who cannot even vote for himself (nor can his wife, nor his neighbors)…. Chaffetz does not make sense (no matter how much of the “smooth-talking con-artist Nu-Skin sales techniques” he utilizes. I do not trust Jason and cannot vote for him – and he might very well be another John Jacob.

    Oh – And Chaffetz “claims” to be a fiscal conservative? He listed his home’s value between 1 and 5 million dollars!! That (to me) speaks volume about what kind of man (or Congressman) one may be.

  4. CJ Says:

    priesthoodholder, please get your facts straight. He worked for the Huntsman administration for two years and choose to leave to run his business and begin a run for congress. Huntsman has twice since he left appointed Chaffetz to the Board at UVSC (UVU). They disagree on some subject but Huntsman and Chaffetz are still close.
    Chaffetz was a democrat while he a teenage and early twenties, here’s why: His father was married twice, his first wife (not Chaffetz Mother) remarried Michael Dukakis. So he was asked to help with his campaign, so he did in Utah. Not too long after that campaign he realized he was conservative and made the switch and hasn’t looked back.

    Oh and wait 1 year and he will be back in the third district. Stupid gerrymandering.

  5. IM Says:

    I have to agree that Chaffetz is NOT the guy here. I hate the throw the guy under the bus but he has morphed from one person to another this cycle. His initial message was that Cannon was missing too many votes over his stay in office. I went to a meeting with Cannon and he showed me the votes that he had missed from the same source that Chaffetz cited. As it turns out, Cannon missed votes because the birth of his youngest daughter in 1998 and then missed votes with the illness of his oldest daughter and with her passing. That’s harsh. Chaffetz has since backed off that position. He then attacked Cannon on voting for an earmark that never went to the House – it was in the Senate. He has taken convenient positions on issues that just aren’t right. Lastly, he should REALLY be running against Matheson. Cannon took on a Democrat that, like Matheson, was thought to be untouchable.

    Leavitt seems to me to be a little mushy. He hasn’t taken many positions. I was in a meeting when someone asked him if he voted for or against vouchers and he stood there for a few moments. Instead of saying yes or no and defending his position he thumbed his lower lip and repeated to himself, “Did I vote for vouchers?” It was 20-30 seconds literally before he responded. That’s a LONG AWKWARD pause.

    Also, someone sent this link to me earlier this week. It came from someone in Orem…

  6. bindersbee Says:

    I have a ‘rule of thumb’ about political candidates in Utah. Although I am LDS, I patently distrust anyone who tries to use their church affliation as a campaign attribute or to add validity to their comments. The LDS Church has repeatedly asked candidates NOT to do this and yet Leavitt (who brought up his Mormoness within the first 2 minutes of his stump speech) and even the above commenter ‘Priesthoodholder’ persist. Every person running is Mormon- trying to out Mormon someone else’s Mormoness is ridiculous. Church/ politics- separate for a reason.

    I don’t care what someone’s house is worth- I care that they bought it with money they actually earned from being successful at what they do. You can’t say the same for Leavitt- besides, Leavitt is shaking the Southern Utah dust from his shoes and moving anyway. Wouldn’t doubt that with all his family millions he’ll find a real nice place for himself.

    I think he’s a nice guy but I don’t think he has the depth required to fight and win in congress. His whole life has been greased by family money and connections- he’s never had to prove he can be a leader of leaders and come from very little to do so. Big fish, small pond. I don’t think he can swim with sharks back in DC.

    I think the opposite is true of Chaffetz. He’s proven in all areas that he can start with little and make something of it. He’s been successful at every venture he’s undertaken- WITHOUT having to ride the coat tails of family- anyone ever even hear that last name before? He’s an out of the box thinker which was the reason I was so excited about Mitt Romney. I see a lot of similarities between Chaffetz and Romney- including being well prepared with ideas and solutions BEFORE running rather than saying ‘just trust me’. We all say we want candidates who can do that then the lemmings line up to support the status quo anyway.

    Could Leavitt be good in congress? Maybe someday or maybe not. I personally think at this point he’ll be completely intimidated and fold like a cheap newspaper.

    At the Leavitt meeting I have attended since the Eagle Forum, I tried to pin Leavitt down to a soild answer on just one issue, any issue- and it was impossible. He has no idea what he’s going to do. He’s waiting for instructions- just another George W. Bush IMO. You leave the meeting feeling great about him until you get home and realize he just spent a lot of time saying nothing of substance- he even wasted a 1/2 hour of your time telling that story about being in the Ukraine or whatever and the history he witnessed there. I’ve witnessed a lot of historical events in my life too. Being a bystander does not make me a leader.

    And that’s the crux of it with Leavitt. He’s a nice bystander. He’s a good support person and helper. He’s not an idea man. He’s reformulated his campaign to encompass the issues Chaffetz set forward a year earlier. When I attended the Eagle Forum debate, he’d never even heard of the Campion and Ramos case- and he’s an attorney. His complete lack of being prepared to run was very evident. I know he now has a large staff now to get him up to speed and tell him what to think- just like all the other people do things- again, following not leading.

    The fact that even he feels the need to follow Chaffetz and adopt his positions should tell you something. We don’t need another suck up (which was the strategy he laid out in the meeting I attended for amassing power in DC)- those people never become powerful, they become useful pawns to those who do know how to get things done.

    I think Cannon would actually be preferable to Leavitt, at least we don’t lose time having to get him educated on the issues and how the game is played- even if he doesn’t play it very skillfully himself.

    Disclaimer- I am a former gov. employee who’s seen how politics REALLY work. I’m also a former high school debater who now, even as a mini-van mom could run circles around Leavitt’s debate abilities- as soon as he’s challenged he folds. It will take the Washington sharks less than 30 seconds to scent the fear and eat him. I’m also a State Delegate but not a paid or volunteer worker for any campaign- yet.

  7. IM Says:

    I agree with your thoughts on Leavitt. He’s a nice guy which might be part of his problem.

    I can certainly see your argument for Chaffetz. In that same context though, Cannon also came from nothing. His parents didn’t have a dime. What he has, he’s made himself.

  8. Travis Grant Says:

    I appreciate the many comments here. For the most part, i am going to let each comment stand without a response from me. But I am working on a second post, that will be a response to one of the other criticisms about Chaffetz.

  9. Karen Hyatt Says:

    Chris Cannon is actively supporting a bill (H.R. 1593) that would use federal money to fund education and job training for convicted criminals upon leaving prison, because they “deserve a second chance.” Ignoring the question of why they deserve this, let me just say that while education and employment are essential to success, this kind of charity is better accomplished by local organizations such as churches and community groups, or even by state-funded organizations. Using federal dollars to train and educate the perpetrators is not right.

    Cannon’s current focus is on cell phone taxes. He is the lead sponsor in a bill that would prohibit states from adding additional taxes on cell phone services.

    Constitutionally speaking, how much a state charges its residents in cell phone or other taxes is none of the federal government’s business. Cannon has routinely overstepped his constitutional bounds on such issues. In 2007, he co-sponsored a bill that would regulate how much a state may charge for rental car tax.

    Second, putting aside the unconstitutionality of dictating to states what taxes they can impose, let’s at least remember that the cell phone rates got this high with Chris Cannon in office. His own mailer carries the slogan, “Chris Cannon: Answering the Call to Keep Taxes Low.” Keep taxes low? The same mailer points out that the average taxes are already “more than 15%—double the average sales tax burden.” Addressing the problem now seems a little tardy. Where was he when the taxes were climbing to this exorbitant level? I can’t help but see this bill as a last-minute effort to gain voter appeal.

    Leavitt has absolutely no substance. I tried to pin him down on immigration and other issues, and he kept saying, “The number one problem is that families aren’t raising their children well.” What does he want to do–legislate family home evening? He has no plan.

    Chaffetz understands the limited role of the federal government. He will not vote to fund your city’s memorial monument. He wants to see better benefits for servicemen. He has concrete goals that are in keeping with constitutional limits on federal involvement.

    If you think seasoned politicians are better at these things, you haven’t looked at Congress lately. Thank heavens Chaffetz hasn’t been immersed in politics. He’s run a multi-million-dollar business. He will be a great influence in Congress.

    Lastly, I can’t imagine voting for someone based on his house value. What insanity. Chaffetz is solvent–he is in debt to no one. The district residence nonsense is just that. There is no law that says a congressman has to live inside the district–not to mention I think the man lives less than a mile from the border, due to newly drawn lines that may change again in a year.

    Be grateful there is a constitutionally-minded candidate for once, and give him your vote.

  10. Is Jason Chaffetz a Political Opportunist? « Gazelem Says:

    […] some of the big criticisms of Jason Chaffetz, but I failed to mention one.  Thanks to the several comments on the previous post that helped remind me that I should address this issue more […]

  11. Travis Grant Says:

    Hey, Karen,

    I had no idea that you were a lurker. Thanks for commenting. It looks like you and I are on the same side of the Replublican fence again. Thanks very much for your comments.

    Let me nod my head to your comments and those of CJ and bindersbee. You pretty much said everything that I wanted too, barring my comments in my next post.

  12. priesthoodholder Says:

    Wow – take a day to go out of town for a day and I return to see all this MISINFORMATION??

    First, I must set a good example and I must apologize an earlier typographical error – I would like to correct the part where I wrote that Jason Chaffetz was fired after 6 months as Huntsman’s Chief of Staff ( he was “forced to resign” after 11 months as Chief of Staff – this from several current and former employees of the Utah State Government – and many wished Jason had been let go much earlier!).

    For the record, I believe Jason was Huntsman’s Campaign Manager for approximately six months (this is where I got the 6 months) in 2004 during the election process (granted he had known the future Governor longer).

    And to CJ – the facts are this:

    1) Huntsman was sworn into the office as Utah’s Current Governor on January 3rd, 2005 – Jason was employment with Huntsman was terminated on November 6th, 2005 (that is not two years! please research the dates if you don’t trust me). Those are the facts.
    2) The good governor is a great example of comity and even though he didn’t want Jason around anymore (ever wonder why Huntsman HAS NOT endorsed Chaffetz this year?), he realizes that he should try to be a gentleman about it, so he appoints him to the UVSC (soon to be UVU) Board. And – just the facts- Huntsman only appointed Chafferz ONCE (not twice) to that Board (it happened on May 30th, 2006)[hasn’t even been two years!].

    3) Jason not only helped Dukakis campaign, he was the Provo area CAMPAIGN MANAGER! (Which is more than just helping like a volunteer/staffer)? He organized events and was quite active (on his own free will and free choice) in the former Democratic Presidential Candidates’ efforts.

    4) Three years later – in fact, it was the weekend of February 15-16, 1991 (According to Jason himself) – he met President Ronald Reagan (Jason was 24 AT THAT TIME). He began to re-evaluate his values, philosophies, etc…. and eventually “became a Republican”. Since most changes of that nature take some time – let’s say in the 25 to 30 year old range (I mean who’s to say he didn’t register as an Independent and gradually convert to being a Republican – although I don’t think Jason is a “True Conservative Republican” – he still employs Hillary Clinton/Democrat-type strategies and techniques.)

    [These facts bring about some questions – When did Jason Actually register as A Republican? That would be when most people would consider him a Republican – how old was Jason when that happened? And did he do it just so he could work with Jon Huntsman?]
    Hmmmmm – Jason is really A “RINO”….

    5) When you write, ” Not too long after that campaign he realized he was conservative and made the switch and hasn’t looked back…” – one must examine the part “hasn’t looked back. And we should ask – Is Jason a true Republican? One moment he is denouncing other candidates for all sorts of things, attacking them, being contentious, etc… Jason has stalked Rep. Chris Cannon and made some inappropriate statements about a good man, who is also a good husband and father. I mean come on – The man may have missed some votes for some important personal and family reasons. Be reasonable, Jason!

    6) A concern I have with Chafferz is his changing ways. He used to be critical of David Leavitt, saying just two months ago after reading David Leavitt’s religious/public stand ” I find it odd. It infringes on the separation of church and state, in my opinion,” Chaffetz said. Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution says there shall be no religious test to serve, and Leavitt’s “articulation in this matter oversteps that line. I would not go there. And it is not the role of the federal government” to ensure that there are public observances of God.

    Has Jason Chafferz read the Utah Republican platform? Belief in God is mentioned at least three (3) times. The Preamble reads: “We, the Republican Party of the Great State of Utah, affirm our belief in God and declare our support for government based upon a moral and spiritual foundation.”

    [And under the section of “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”, it reads: “We claim freedom of religion for every citizen and expect the protection of government in securing to us this unalienable right.”]

    Why would Jason Chaffetz think belief in God is “Odd”?? HE sounds too much like a Democrat to me – and AT BEST he is a Republican in Name Only! RINO.

    He has even changed his approach on this – recently adopting the “God Bless America” phrase in closing his delegate meetings. What was once “Odd”, has now changed…. Jason is changing/adopting Mr. Leavitt’s approach.

    7) Finally, CJ – in response to the line you typed, “Oh and wait 1 year and he will be back in the third district.” For the record, Jason will not live in Utah’s 3rd District in one year (unless he relocates). District boundaries are determined every 10 years based on a national census (next one is in TWO YEARS – 2010). At that time, the census takers gather all the information and data and the boundaries will be adjusted accordingly – no one can predict that today, CJ. Depending on population growth and all that – there may even be a possibility that Utah could gain a 4th congressional seat (granted this is all speculation). Whatever changes occur AFTER the census will not go into effect until the 2012 election cycle – just the facts. That is approximately FOUR YEARS from now (not one year)!

    ABC = Anyone But Chaffetz in Utah’s 3rd District.

    Rep. Chris Cannon said it best a month ago – why isn’t Jason HELPING Republicans by running in the district he lives and unseats Rep. Metheson – a Democrat. This would help Republicans in Utah and around the country!

    And what is this I hear that Chafferz predicts getting 60 percent? Are all Chaffetz supporters out of touch with reality and misinformed on the facts? Please tell me if Jason predicts getting more than 60 percent – then WHY would he run a Television ad (does he think 1100-1200 delegates are all watching TV at the same time?) Television ads are NORMALLY (yes, I believe Chaffetz is “abnormal”) run during a PRIMARY – so they can reach the larger audience. Is any other Candidate running Television Ads? Is it the Right time to run TV Ads? Is running TV ads now cost effective and fiscally responsible?

    And if Cannon and Leavitt are in the Primary – how does that look? Did Jason just have a TV ad just so he could say he ran the first ad? Is that how he expects to secure the Votes of State Delegates? This does not make sense.

    ABC – Anyone But Chaffetz!

  13. priesthoodholder Says:

    To Ms. “Bindersbee” – or should I say “misguided – under-educated and misinformed” lady…

    Not All People running for office are “Mormons” – and perhaps you are still in your Utah bubble (this is NOT High School).

    And where did I ever mention Mormon in my post? Your false allegation that I “persist” is unfounded and inaccurate!
    As a US Citizen – am I not allowed to quote from the Bible (or any other book for that matter – religious or otherwise”) ? Are you a RINO, too?

    We can agree Washington has problems – we just disagree on the solutions and who to send to DC.

    All three of the “Main” candidates for Utah’s 3rd district have all had success in business.

    Your Romney comparison should include Cannon and Leavitt – since Romney’s success was founded on his education. That is something Chaffetz doesn’t have – no MBA, no JD (both of which Romney has) – in fact, Cannon and Leavitt both have their JD’s – so they have MORE education that Chaffetz (and it defintely shows at times!).

    Romney also had years of experience as Governor. Cannon has years of elected experience, as does Leavitt. Chafferz? – ZERO, NADA, Zilch….. none!

    Chaffetz is a RINO, Contentious Carpetbagger!

    ABC = Anyone But Chaffetz!

  14. Travis Grant Says:

    Preisthoodholder, I have let your comments stand for now. However, you are walking a fine line here. You have stooped to name calling and general meanness.

    You are being what you accuse Chaffetz of being. It really make me wonder why you are so bothered by his tactics when you are using them yourself.

    It really makes everything you say suspect. Another reason for me not to believe anything that you say. But if you look at your comments you don’t say much (just like Leavitt). All you do is ask questions, but you never provide answers, because you don’t really have any.

    Please keep any further comments civil, or I will be forced to edit or delete all of you comments.

  15. priesthoodholder Says:

    Just got home in from an unexpected out of town business trip… I missed some interesting voting at the Utah Republican Convention on Saturday – I heard Chris Cannon and Jason Chaffetz both gave good speeches and from what I was told – Chaffetz talked the talk and got 59 percent. I heard that in an average speech that David Leavitt spoke on Statesmanship and finished 3rd. Joe Ferguson gave his usual performance and the 5th guy showed up and even got a vote or two – from what I heard!

    Was it true the “Orange shirted Leavitt Army” mobilized and grabbed Cannon signs and walked on the floor to show that David Leavitt quietly supports/endorses Cannon?

    I will have to read more about this – perhaps there is a video recording of the convention… I can imagine the Chaffetz supporters were not happy with that.

    And in response to your Post, Mr. “Travis Grant” – with all due respect, we agree to disagree. I outlined over a half-dozen points in my last couple of posts, I gave several specific facts, expressed my opinion and did my best to Share the TRUTH.

    Alas – the Truth can be painful sometimes – nevertheless, I felt it important to have THE FACTS and share the TRUTH.

    Chaffetz does, in fact, utilize VERY questionable “tactics” – as you call them. Jason IS critical – yet when I do the same – Jason and/or his supporters become upset. [I believe you are one of his supporters, as well as CJ and bindersbee.]
    [Note- Barack Obama has this same tendency – perhaps we should examine the similarities between Obama and Chaffetz – perhaps in a future post I will research that further.]

    One HUGE and important difference – I am NOT telling lies about Jason – I am neither misleading nor mis-representing Jason. Jason is who he is – yes – we are all imperfect (I for one have many imperfections. We are human and make mistakes)…. However, I feel that lying and mis-representing other people/their positions on issues like Jason has (especially to gain the vote of a state delegate) is fundamentally and categorically wrong!

    I disagree with HOW Jason discusses/brings up the issues. I disagree with how critical he is of Chris and lies/distorts/spins things about Chris’s voting record or Leavitt’s immigration plan, etc… It is the deceiving and divisive approach that Jason Chaffetz uses that I cannot support.

    If disagreeing is not allowed on this blog – I was not made aware of this.

    To make it clear and for the record, I (this is my opinion) do not support candidates who lie about other candidates, mis-represent other candidates, mis-inform people about the issues, and twist (or “spin”) information to manipulate others.

    I feel Jason Chaffetz has lied and mis-represented Chris and David on certain things – certainly NOT everything, just certain things.

    Jason himself has utilized the simple questioning process (again, you accused me of asking questions and not answering them) – when he QUESTIONS Cannon’s voting record, when Jason asks WHY Cannon missed votes in Congress. Jason has questioned Cannon’s “conservativeness” – even though Jason has not foundational voting record to stand on himself.

    I ask you politely and respectfully, Mr. Grant – are you holding me to the same measuring stick as the candidate you support? Or is there a “double standard” here? [This is your blog – and I will allow you to answer that – for I cannot answer for you]

    You are welcome, Mr. Grant, to Point one finger at me – However, please keep in mind the three fingers pointing back at you (or in this case, the candidates we may or may not support). Full-examination of the candidates, their ACCURATE POSITION on the issues, Their CHARACTER… these are important considerations and should be included in the election process. Studying things out regarding the candidates can be a good thing. [Personal note, I have a difficult time with people who just read or hear things about others and may “pre-judge” people before MORE FULLY knowing them or even meeting with them and asking them questions in person.]

    The important thing here is the TRUTH – and I feel (again, my opinion) that Jason is not always truthful and he sometimes tells lies to “get gain”. I personally feel this is what is wrong in Washington and I cannot support Jason Chaffetz as a public servant when he has repeatedly done this the past several months for what I call “selfish” reasons.

    Because Jason has a track record (yes – a FACTUAL record) of doing this to Chris and David during this election process, I do not Trust him to represent Utah’s 3rd district. [Again, that is my opinion] Others, including you, may disagree – and I can respectfully agree to disagree. That is part of what makes our country great. Freedom is something I believe we both can agree on.

    I certainly can support Leavitt and Cannon – and even Ferguson (on certain issues, though, Joe and I disagree). These are trustworthy men with experience. (I like when Leavitt says we need more statesmanship!).

    In regards to:

    “However, you are walking a fine line here. You have stooped to name calling and general meanness.”

    Yes, Mr. Grant – I can walk the walk, type the type, and talk the talk. The “name-calling” you allege (I believe you are referring to my calling Jason a “RINO Contentious Carpetbagger”? for clarification, is that the name-calling reference you are referring to?

    RINO is commonly used for “Republican in Name Only” on the campaign trail in many elections across the USA (just refer back to the Presidential election these past year in the Republican Party). Granted I may or may not be more conservative than Jason or you, etc… However we probably believe in many of the same principles and same positions on issues.

    I believe in Civility and Statesmanship – NOT in a fighter! If you want to fight – move to New York or California. Their ways ARE NOT our ways and I do not believe we should lower ourselves to NEW YORK’s attitudinal level! I know people who have moved here to Utah from NY or CA to get away from that type of attitude. Fighting is the wrong approach!

    So, RINO is more a political classification – to me – it is not “Name-calling”.

    In regards to “Carpetbagger” – that is a term that I had never heard, read or even knew the definition of UNTIL I read Jason’s quote “I’m no carpetbagger” from the Salt Lake Tribune article on April 5th, 2008. I had to look up the word. Jason used the word and I continued using it – perhaps I should just use “Resident of the District”….

    And when I type “contentious” – I believe I have formed that adjective to describe Jason based on facts and experience.

    And in regards to the part where you wrote:
    “All you do is ask questions, but you never provide answers, because you don’t really have any.”…

    Hopefully, Mr. Grant – I have answered some of your questions and provided reasons for my opinion.

    God Bless America!

  16. Travis Grant Says:

    You completely misread what I was saying.

    First, my problem isn’t the name calling towards Chaffetz. It is the name calling towards the other commenters. I quote you here, “To Ms. “Bindersbee” – or should I say “misguided – under-educated and misinformed” lady”. It is just rude. You should have siad, “Ms. Bindersbee you are midguided, under-educated and misinformed.” There is a completely different tone in those two statements.

    Second, I have not problem with you criticizing Chaffetz. Go ahead. My probably is that you are hypocritical in what you are doing. You say that it is bad for him to do it. Then you come out and do it yourself. You are the one with the double standard.

    I sense that you are a person who must have the last word, and that is fine. So, please feel free to comment again, but understand, that my lack of response is because I really don’t care to have this conversation go on forever. Not because I concede any of your points. Sometimes there is no arguing with people who are so over sense with emotion that they can’t see straight.

  17. Travis Grant Says:

    Oh, one more thing. Why do you put my name in quotes? Do you not know believe that I am who I say I am. I am Travis Grant from Riverton, UT. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t been reading this blog long enough to know that. I have no problems revealing my true identity because I stand behind what I say.

  18. IM Says:

    Well, after the convention I am more convinced than ever that Jason isn’t what he says he is. Here are some examples…

    1-I visited his booth and he said that Cannon was “completely ineffective” as a member of Congress and that he’s never been able to pass legislation.

    2-He said that Cannon was able to get an earmark for a private business this past year for West Jordan.

    3-Jason said that Cannon voted for the last budget.

    4-Jason said that when Cannon was on the Transportation Committee he wasn’t able to get any dollars for our roads here in Utah.

    All of these are untrue! I asked Cannon and his staffer pulled out a chart with all the things that Cannon has passed. That same staffer had a list of ALL the earmark requests pulled from the site where those are made public. No, Cannon’s name wasn’t on anything for West Jordan except for money for the park. Maybe Jason fudged the line there because there was some money that went to Riverton for its water storage facility.

    Cannon did NOT vote for the budget and finally, he has NEVER sat on the Transporation Committee – that’s Matheson.

    These are only a few examples of the kind of dishonesty that Jason employs. He’s someone that throws mud on the wall and sees what sticks.

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