Chaffetz and Cannon Discuss the Race on KSL

Posted without comment from me, but please feel free to discuss.

3 Responses to “Chaffetz and Cannon Discuss the Race on KSL”

  1. IM Says:

    Jason has lied over and over or misrepresented Cannon’s positions.

  2. Travis Grant Says:

    That’s interesting that you should say that. It has been my perspective that Cannon is the won who has lies and misrepresented Cannon’s position. Interesting.

  3. Great Scott! Says:

    Cannon’s positions are well documented. You can see how he has voted on every bill since he’s been in office. And maybe that’s where those of us who support Jason Chaffetz differ from the Cannon camp. We believe that how one votes represents one’s positions whereas the Cannon supporters believe that one can vote one way and then come back to Utah and say, “well I know I voted that way, but actually, here’s how I really feel about that” and he shouldn’t be held accountable for how he voted.

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