Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon

I am a huge Bob Lonsberry fan. I have listened to him since his first time on the air here in Utah. I remember when I first heard him, I thought that he was some 70-year-old retired guy that 570am was giving a shot.

Bob won me over when he started talking about the LDS church in a positive way. For as long as I can remember I never understood why Utah television and radio seemed to want to alienate 70% of its audience. And Bob finally opened up to this audience, and I felt welcomed.

I own one of Bob’s books, and I really want to get copies of the others. But I want them autographed like the first one. So, I haven’t been able to get to a book signing where I can buy them and get them signed at the same time.

However, I am deeply concerned with a stance that Bob has taken lately.

Bob has stated that he is supporting Chris Cannon. I almost lost my mind. I can’t believe that Bob has that short of a memory. I can’t believe that Bob feels that Cannon represent Utah (or more specifically the Third District).

But I believe that I know why Bob has sold out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any written proof, but I have audio. So, please forgive me for linking to a large MP3 file. But it’s the only thing I have.

About a week ago, Bob Lonsberry did and interview with none other than Joe Cannon, editor of the Deseret News and brother to Chris Cannon. Listen to the MP3 for a good interview. But the kicker is within the last few mintues of the MP3. At roughly 22:00 minutes into the Interview Bob mentions that KNRS and Bob Lonsberry are working on some sort of “relationship” with (a branch of the Deseret News).

Since this interview and even before, I have noticed a lot of “kissy face” (to use Bob’s words) towards the Cannon family. Bob has always been a little standoff towards Jason Chaffetz. I think part of it is that Jason really doesn’t do well on the radio. I don’t know why, but I have never been really impress with Jason’s interviews on the radio.

At first I suspected that Bob was turned off from Chaffetz inarticulate nature on the radio. However, I now have a new insight. Why would Joe Cannon finally be working with Bob Lonsberry. I know from listening to Bob for almost 10 years now that Bob has always wanted to write for the Deseret News. And now during this political season Joe Cannon shows interest in Bob.

Bob you are being played. And as hard as it is for me to believe, you are falling for it. Wake up and get out of bed with the Cannon’s. Not that they are bad people. Just understand that Chris Cannon has done a lot to get air time this past year. Something that he wasn’t interested in over a year ago.

It is frustrating to me. I like Bob Lonsberry. But part of the reason, that I like him is that I always felt like he was sincere. This is the first time that I can’t see the sincerity. I am just at a loss for understanding on this. Because the only reason I can see for Bob to support Cannon is that he is playing “kissy face.”

8 Responses to “Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon”

  1. Great Scott! Says:

    Travis, I do believe that you have hit the nail right on the head. I hadn’t really been able to do the math on this one, but the minute I read what you wrote, it rang true. I couldn’t figure out why Bob would endorse Chris over Jason either. Actually I listened to Jason’s radio interview on Bob Lonsberry last Friday and thought he hit a home run. I’m not sure why you haven’t been equally impressed with Jason’s radio appearances. But in light of Bob’s politics (he and Jason are sympatico) I was amazed when I heard him tell his audience that he would be voting for Chris over Jason. Bob’s not one for hard hitting interviews I grant you. This morning he asked Chris about fiscal responsibility and Chris totally sidestepped the question and attacked Jason on a completely different topic! Amazing!. Bob didn’t even try to hold Chris accountable to answer the question. He just went on to the next one in his “script.”

  2. Travis Grant Says:

    First of all, we must remember that Bob won’t be voting for anyone. He doesn’t live in this state. He sure understands this state better than many of our local media and some of our politician (especially the national politicians).

    I hate to say these things about Bob. I really like him. But he just seems to have sold out.

  3. JT Says:

    Well, I don’t care for Bob Lonsberry. I think his voice is grating. Bob has done a 180 on Chris Cannon in 2 years. He was against Chris in 2006 and 2004, when John Jacob and Matt Throckmorton were weaker candidates. Now it makes sense that he’d now hop on the Cannon bandwagon to kiss up to Joe. Lonsberry sold out.

  4. Bob Lonsberry to Endorse Jason Chaffetz « Gazelem Says:

    […] Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon […]

  5. Jared Fletcher Says:

    I used to listen to Bob. In time, my “discern-o-meter” gave me some strong warnings against him.

    LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith warned that 3 things threaten the church from within in the last days, and they were “flattery from prominent men of the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity.”

    Lonsberry falls into that first section I believe, he helps “woo the people with sophistry” and it is not a surprise he shows his side of being supportive of the establishment, he “flatters” the Utah listening audience and wins their confidence through flattery, which Sean Hannity does very well, laying it on thick, with a trowel. There are many of us who were amazed at his slamming BYU’s Dr. Steven Jones with venom and refusing to address any of the argument dealing with the collapse of World Trade Center building 7, a 47 story tall sky scraper that was not hit by a plane, yet it collapsed in near free fall speed on the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001. Few American’s have seen the video footage of that collapse, and those “who read” are not conned by the vicious rantings and attack of those like Lonsberry who immediately came onto a vicious attack, very un-Christian and mean, evil in it’s spirit and totally un-objective and unfair with how he addressed the Deseret News report of Dr. Jones research, asking the big question “What made this 47 story building collapse in near free fall speed?” It was only the 3rd steel framed structure in world history to have a collapse due to the supposed cause of fire—the first two? Word Trade towers 1 and 2 on the same day.

    Harold B. Lee warned in 1970 that “there will be inroads within the church, we will see those professing membership but who secretly are plotting…”

    I cannot help but to think Lonsberry is one of those false wolves among us of which J. Reuben Clark Jr. warned of way back in 1949 saying “there are tares among the wheat and wolves within the flock,” and he continued that these wolves “are amongst us, from our own membership and are kept from our view because they wear the habiliments of the priesthood.” Ezra Taft Benson 20 years later quoted Pres. Clark and said these wolves were “more numerous and devious today” than when Pres. Clark first made that warning.

    We should not be surprised when Bob Lonsberry goes in backing an establishment, treacherous cause. He “woos the people with sophistry” and gains confidence with LDS people as he champions their cause in many ways.

    Some in my circle have said Bob is a “plant” into our radio market in Utah, with an agenda to win confidence, but otherwise schemes to distort and spin some key issues and advocate some key Establishment objectives. It seems we have seen evidence of this through Bobs recent radio career, from his support of toxic flouride in water; Dr. Jones being smeared in an evil, un-objective way (never addressing any point of Dr. Jones argument), to his upholding and endorsing Chris Cannon.

  6. Travis Grant Says:


    The only reason I posted your comments is because most will see right through it. I appears that you are a liberal, who is going to twist LDS doctrine to fit your view and claim that the conservative message of preserving out Constitution is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Nice try. But it doesn’t work for me.

    This post had nothing to do with Dr. Jones, and yet, that seems to be the main point of your comment. Can you please keep to the topic.

  7. Pat Says:

    I also can’t stand his grating voice and his show is boring. He has a split personality. One minutes he’s preaching and talking about church in an insincere voice and the next he’s calling people names and going against what would constitute being a decent person. I also agree he will use people to his own end. His radio show is terrible and his column is even worse.

  8. Travis Grant Says:

    We really part ways on this. I love Bob Lonsberry, and generally, I find him to be the person who will go against the grain. Sure his voice is terrible for radio, but frankly it makes him fresh.

    I think that you are getting near libel when you say that he has a split personality. He is very active and that can lead him to many different subjects.

    Sorry, that you don’t like him, but for me he is the radio talk show host that I like the best.

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